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Juvia’s Place The Saharan II Palette Review & Swatches


Juvia Place The Saharan 2 Palette 2.jpg

Next up in the Juvia’s Place eyeshadow palette try out is The Saharan II. This palette contains 9 shadow with a mixture of metallic, duo chromes, and matte shades that were inspired by the rich colors in Moroccan spices, herbs, cities, and rich patterns. Like the other palettes in their collection this one costs $20. This palette is also vegan so I don’t know remember if it’s on the packaging that this palette came it as I got rid of it, but vegan red tones can dye the skin due to the dye/pigment in the shadow.

All of the shades in the palette are stunning but a great range from vibrant or more neutral looks. Though I have not done a neutral look as I like the vibrant tones from this palette. Like some of the other palettes from Juvia’s Place, they are larger with 3.6 grams of product in each pan. However, it’s not the smallest palette even though it only has 9 shadows so it’s not the best for traveling. It can be done but it is bigger than a Colourpop 9-pan palette. I haven’t mentioned it in previous reviews but all of their palettes have stunning illustrations and are made of a sturdy cardboard.

Like the other palettes the mattes are insanely pigmented and take a hot minute to blend. But they still look stunning on the lids, as long as you use a packing brush. And yes, I actually remembered to use a blending brush for the brush swatches this time since that’s the best for these matte shades. The metallics and duo-chrome shadows are buttery like the other palettes. I seriously am still blown away with the quality of these palettes and I can’t wait to play with the rest.

Shade Descriptions:

  • Marrakesh (shimmer golden peach)
  • Aziza (shimmer medallion)
  • Hadiya (shimmer rust)
  • Berber (shimmer french blue)
  • Nomad (shimmer maroon)
  • Chefchaouen (shimmer turquoise)
  • Fez (matte sienna)
  • Zohra (matte sangria)
  • Taza (natte gingerbread)


Finger Swatches

Brush Swatches using a fluffy angled brush (Luxie 207 – Medium Angled Shading Brush)

The metallics and duo-chromes don’t look the best with the fluffy brush, but you can see the mattes perform better with this style of brush unlike the packing brush. If you want to see how that generally goes with this formula check out one of my previous two Juvia’s Place reviews: The Nubian 2 or The Warrior palette.


This look was made using almost every single shadow in the palette including two of the ColourPop Supernova liquid shadows: Dragon and LOML. I think the only shade not used in this look was Hadiya. Maybe was a bit much for Thanksgiving but I still loved it. I also used the Azeredo Cosmetics false lashes in the style Hollywood (use code MAE10 for 10% off).

Here was the second look from this palette. Not a major fan of my hair, but that has nothing to do with the makeup. For this look I used the shades: Marrakson, Aziza, Hadiya, Nomad, Fez, Zohra, and Taza. Which is a similar look to the look I did with The Nubian 2 palette, but more vibrant and not having blue shade underneath. I mainly just wanted to use the shade I didn’t use the previous day, so I ended up doing this staple halo look.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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