Juvia’s Place The Saharan Palette Review & Swatches

I had fun taking a break last week with the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar palette, but we’re back to going through all of the Juvia’s Place eyeshadow palettes. Today I’m going to be going over The Saharan palette which was inspired by the spirit and vibrance of the Fulani culture. And contains 12 with 4 mattes and 8 metallic/satin shadows. Unlike other Juvia’s Place palettes previously reviewed, this palette does not have large pans for the shadows instead the regular size you see in ColourPop. But like the other palettes, this palette is $20 and does not include a mirror or a super luxury packaging not that the artwork isn’t lovely.

The Saharan palette is a mixture of warm tones and neutrals along with a solid black matte shade. To create a firey eyeshadow look. Like previous palettes I’ve reviewed from Juvia’s Place, the mattes blend out like a dream and the metallics are intense and shiny. They are buttery and well incredibly well. I hardly notice any fading during the day but I do have some creasing that occurs where I my eyes are hooded. That’s true of any eyeshadow though, I’ve never had an eyeshadow that didn’t show some signs of wear there. And you can only tell slightly if I have my eyes closed.

Unlike the other palettes, I think this one is more subtle but you could go full on smokey with the black shade (Chad). However, this is really the only true deepening shades in the palette and goes full pigment right away. So it’s extremely easy to overdo it with the other shadows in the palette. I prefer to dull down the black by using one of the orange shades over top to make it appear more of a brown then a black. While I love a good black, I don’t know why in this palette I feel like it’s out of place. But it’s the only matte black they have to I dip into this shade when I’m playing with other palettes. However, if you only have this palette just be careful with the black as it can easily overpower the look or appear off. But I might just being weird about the shade as in any other palette I would be fine with it.

But after working with the shade more and remembering that there was the share Kia, the shade Chad started to actually feel right with the rest of the palette. So can you make it work? Yes, it just is a matter of pairing it with the correct other shades in the palette.

Shade Description

  • Sokoto (matte orange red)
  • Wodaabe (matte 14k gold)
  • Bororo (shimmer burgundy)
  • Kia (shimmer smokey aluminum)
  • Zoya (shimmer rose gold)
  • Iman (shimmer pearl)
  • Jamila (matte mahogany)
  • Senegal (shimmer copper)
  • Chat (matte black)
  • Katsina (matte sepia)
  • Lulu (shimmer salmon)
  • Fula (shimmer bubblegum)


Final Thoughts

I do really love the shadows and find it a lot of fun to play with. And do enjoy the palette. You can make a lot of different looks with the shades included but some don’t 100% pair up the greatest, but you can make it work with a little patience. Not a bad thing, and honestly once I’m done with all of these reviews on the palettes I’m going to start mixing and matching the palettes to create looks. As that’s my favorite thing to do, but if you just want one palette that has a lot of variety, this is a good option.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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    • Mae Polzine
      December 14, 2018 / 6:15 PM

      I really had fun playing with this palette!

      Aw thank you so much!
      🖤 Mae

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