Juvia’s Place The Warrior Palette Review & Swatches

Juvia Place The Warrior Palette 2

Next up in the lineup of all of the Juvia’s Place palettes that I have to test is the The Warrior Eyeshadow Palette. Which they described as a classic spin on their first palette, The Nubian. It’s filled with rich earth tones to give depth and dimension. Basically it’s your golds, bronzes, and browns… so the typical neutral palette which is one of the few neutral palettes from Juvia’s Place that doesn’t have other vibrant colors in it. So if pops of colors aren’t your thing, this one would be out of their collection.

There are nine shades in total with a large pan size, unfortunately to not have litter everywhere I got rid of the sleeve the palette came in so I don’t have the size of each pan in front of me. And they don’t have that info on Ulta’s website where I purchased these. But this palette like almost every single other Juvia’s Place palette is $20.

Shade Descriptions

  • Amina (shimmer macaroon)
  • Idia (shimmer butterscotch)
  • Mino (intense dark chocolate)
  • Ahosi (matte light cantelope)
  • Moremi (metallic white gold)
  • Kano (matte caramel)
  • Dahomey (metallic russet gold)
  • Bakwa (metallic gold)
  • Benin (metallic golden taupe)


Juvia Place The Warrior Palette 5.jpg


I tried my hardest to get all of the swatches on one arm but still trying to figure out how I wanted to do that since I am introducing brush swatches into these sections going forward. I might switch it up some more next time with doing each swatch type being on it’s own. I don’t know since I do slightly like having the finger swatch next to the brush swatch so you can see the different better. Let me know what you think.

Juvia Place The Warrior Palette Swatch Part 1

Left to Right (Brush then finger swatch): Kano, Moremi, Ahosi, Mino, Idia, and Amina

Juvia Place The Warrior Palette Swatch Part 2

Left to Right (Brush then finger swatch): Benin, Bakwa, and Dahomey

An idea of how they apply on the eyes:

Final Thoughts

This palette is very similar to the previous palette I tried. I haven’t played with all of the palettes yet but so far I’m loving the formula if they are all consistent. They are insanely pigmented and easy to apply. The mattes do not apply great with a packing brush but do with a blending brush, not shown in the brush swatches. I’ll make sure to show that different in the next post for Juvia’s Place. And the metallics are like butter and look foiled even with a dry brush. Some of the shades could even be used as highlighters depending on your skin tone (different ones for each skin tone). So if you love a neutral palette, this is an incredible palette.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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