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Kaleidos Makeup Futurism I-III Palettes Review


Something I want to do is try more indie, cruelty free brands. One that I’ve been extremely curious about is Kaleidos makeup. At the time I ordered these palettes there were only three palettes out, though now they have released another two that look really interesting plus aren’t something in my collection. I might get them but I will be waiting a month or two beforehand since I need to stick to a budget. So, I’m going to be reviewing the original three: Cyber Bronze, Sci-Fi Green, and Astro-Pink.

These palettes are vegan and cruelty free, and include six shadows. The package is slim and sleek with a magnetic seal, cardboard packaging, and a narrow mirror. The futurism palettes shadows are soft and creamy, blend effortlessly with minimal fallout, long-lasting, and crease-proof. I really enjoy the formula of each of these shadows. As they are a vegan formula, these palettes can be considered pressed pigment palettes since some shades may led to staining with some of them.

I got them in the full set, which is available for $59 (previously $72). Each palette individually is $24. As these are made in China, shipping does take a while. It took two weeks for these to arrive, or at least that’s how long it took for mine to arrive in Minnesota, United States.

Futurism I: Sci-Fi Green

This palette reminds me a lot of the Melt Gemini palette which was something I wanted for quite some time but never ended up purchasing as it was always out of stock when I went to look. Or I just couldn’t get myself to purchase that palette for $58. The main difference is there are less shadows and leans more on the green side, while the Melt Gemini palette has a brown side as well. As far as comparing this to things already in my collection, the only palettes that somewhat is close for color story are the UOMA Beauty Allure Black Magic Palette (for the green metallics only) and the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Armed and Gorgeous Palette (though not really as that has more orange and yellow shadows mixed in with the green).

Shades included in this palette (includes one metallics, one duochrome, and four mattes):

  • Radioactive: a grungy amber-orange matte with a soft ionic glow.
  • Nuclear: a smoky gold metallic bursting with superheated orange.
  • Glamora: a heroically vibrant duochrome that shifts from an otherworldy green to platinum-gold.
  • Smog: a smokestack green matte with a hint of toffee brown.
  • ET: a deep olive-green matte with an alien mystique.
  • Darkside: a pitch-black matte steeped in a sinister force.

Futurism II: Cyber Bronze

Cyber Bronze is your standard warm tone neutral palette with a gorgeous metallic maroon that is pretty for the fall season. The swatch for Infrared look brighter and more scarlet than maroon, but it is a deeper tone. Initially I was going to compare this with the Melt Cosmetics Twenty Seven palette as they have similar story, but they aren’t really that close. I don’t really have another palette in my collection that looks like this. Though I could combine a few to get in the same ball park.

Shades included in this palette (includes two shimmers, one metallic, and three mattes):

  • Quantum: A highly-advanced rosey shimmer wired with a dash of copper.
  • Infrared: A heat-seeking deep maroon shimmer.
  • Plasma: A quicksilver metallic with a white-hot shine.
  • Droid: A sandy caramel matte infused with martian soil.
  • Y2K: A smooth java-brown matte from the depths of cyberspace.
  • Carbon: A rich elemental charcoal brown matte.

Futurism III: Astro-Pink

Probably the most unique of the palettes from Kaleidos makeup that I have. Plus, probably one of the most interesting ones in my entire collection. The blue/purple duochrome is gorgeous and can look very different depending on how the light hits it. And the lilac shade, the swatch does not do it justice. I’m not a massive fan of the black in this palette due to the glitter mixed in with the matte. That’s typically the shadow I would avoid, but this underneath the shade Neptune is so pretty. I’ll give it a pass as the entire palette is stunning.

Shades included in this palette (includes one duochrome, one metallic, one matter with glitter, and three mattes):

  • Cosmos: A deep-space black matte, drizzled with twinkling silver glimmers.
  • Neptune: A rich aqua-blue duochrome swirling with an ultraviolet glow.
  • Nebula: A berry fuchsia matte from a galaxy far, far away.
  • Lightyear: A cosmic beam of brilliant metallic lavender.
  • Stardust: A dusty rose matte with a cool stellar glow.
  • Lunar: A peachy moonrise pastel matte.


Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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  1. oliveunicorn – I’ve been a fan of bright makeup since I was a teen. Blue and purple lipsticks are by far my favorite so you’ll see quite bit of them reviewed here . I’ll also feature hair dye and game posts as well .
    August 12, 2019 / 1:30 AM

    Astro Pink looks amazing . The green one too . I love the shimmer shades

    • Mae Polzine
      August 12, 2019 / 6:49 AM

      Same those two are probably my favorite of the ones of these three palettes.
      ♥ Mae

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