Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Palette Review And Swatches

I have recently been wanting to expand my eyeshadow collection granted at the same time I’ve been getting rid of a lot of my makeup to things I only use. But eyeshadow is one of those things like lipstick that I hang onto the things that work. And I already know Kat Von D has amazing eyeshadows from playing with the Better Together Eyeshadow Palette. So when I saw Kat Von D announced she was going to be releasing the Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette, I was like “I need that in my collection like yesterday.” So the second I saw it released on Sephora.com, I got it. So I’ve been playing with this palette for a few weeks now since I’ve been offline so couldn’t write about it sooner.

This palette is ultra-limited edition according to Kat Von D, and includes 24 shades in total (12 Saint and 12 Sinner shades) each with 0.04 oz of product and costs $62. It was inspired by the vibrant stained glass windows of gothic cathedrals, and features original lettering and scrollwork that was hand-drawn by Kat Von D. I do have color shadows in my collection, but done of these which is why I really wanted to get this palette.

First Impression & Tutorial

Saint Shades & Swatches

  • Absolution: ivory with gold super-glimmer
  • Worship: pearlescent eggplant
  • Immaculate: pearlescent olive
  • Chalice: metallic antique bronze
  • Sacred Heart: pearlescent coral
  • Amen: matte cream
  • Sanctuary: pearlescent nude coffee
  • Heaven: metallic silver
  • Crucifix: matte deep chocolate
  • Cathedral: gunmetal with silvery blue glitter
  • Rosary: metallic garnet
  • Baptism: matte pale pink

Sinner Shades & Swatches

  • Rapture: rosy pink with pink super-glimmer
  • Sabbath: matte jet black
  • Ashes: taupe with gold glitter
  • Martyr: matte toffee brown
  • Devil: matte pumpkin orange
  • Revelation: brown with gold glitter
  • Vestment: shimmery maroon with blue-green shift
  • Ministry: metallic cobalt
  • Exodus: chartreuse with gold glitter
  • Exorcism: matte deep purple
  • Relic: metallic fool’s gold
  • Stigmata: metallic scarlet

Overall Thoughts

I seriously love this palette, the shades are amazing and there are so many looks that can be made out of it. I love that the shadows are the way they are in the palette as it makes so much like a stained glass as Kat Von D was going for when she created this palette. Yes, it makes figuring out a look a little more tricky, but if you have something in mind you can really figure something amazing out. The look I went with was around the shade Vestment as is seriously just reminds me of dragon scales. And I love that! So that’s how I came up with the look in the tutorial. Everything blended beautifully so I can see myself using this a lot! So do I recommend? Hell Yeah!


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