Kristin Ess Sea Salt Air Dry Spray Review

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For the past few months along with the other Kristin Ess hair products I’ve been testing, I have completely switched my hair care routine from a million sample products to various Kristin Ess ones from Target. One of the products is the Kristin Ess Sea Salt Air Dry Spray. This spray is $10 and contains 7 fl oz of product. I also have the Soft Shine Beach Wave Spray which I’ll go over next week as I’m finally getting around to going over all of the products on the blog that I’ve been using for ages.

Kristin Ess Wavy Hair Mae Polzine 1About the Product

Where do I even start with this one? This is a brand new kind of sea salt spray. First of all, can we talk about the spray? SO OBSESSED! It has a super-fine, constant mist which ensures a more even application than your average pump applicator. Second, the feeling! No salty, crunchy, chalky texture, just satin-grit that stays touchable and soft. Btw, the difference between this one and my Soft Shine Beach Wave Spray is this one goes on wet/damp hair and the other one is for finishing so it goes on dry hair.


  1. Apply an even mist all over on damp, towel or t-shirt dried hair.
  2. Scrunch your hair as it air dries to encourage any wave pattern.

Kristin Ess Wavy Hair Mae Polzine 2Kristin Ess Wavy Hair Mae Polzine 3Thoughts

I constantly mix up the Sea Salt Air Dry Spray with the Soft Shine Beach Wave Spray for which one goes on wet and which one goes on dry. And trust me you do not want to mix them up or your hair will feel very textured. Do not apply both at the same time or in the same wash period or you will have just too much salty, chalky texture that Kristin Ess refers to in the product description. I had to play around with different combinations to figure that out.

The spray itself is amazing and applies evenly without struggling to apply the product as I have experienced with other sea salt sprays. And I love the way my hair dries with this spray, it really brings out my natural soft beach waves without it getting frizzy. I would use the product lightly as too much can also result in that textured feeling which isn’t something I overly enjoy.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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