L.A. Girl Eye Lux Eyeshadow Palettes Review & Swatches

The other day I saw Tati from GlamLifeGuru review the L.A. Girl Eye Lux Eyeshadow Palettes and decided I needed to try them myself. So I ordered the following palettes off of their website since they aren't sold in any stores near me: Dramatize, Hypnotize, Tranquilize, and Tropicalize. And I am not disappointed in the palettes that I got at all!

Left to Right: Tropicalize, Tranquilize, Hypnotize, and Dramatize

Left to Right: Tropicalize, Tranquilize, Hypnotize, and Dramatize

These palettes are very pigmented and blend out really well on your eyes. Plus I love these palettes in particular as I don't have any of these colors anywhere in my collection. And I love the combinations of the palettes as they create really nice looks. 

Dramatize Palette & Swatch

Dramatize Eye Lux Palette
Dramatize Eye Lux Palette swatch

Hypnotize Palette & Swatch

Hypnotize Eye Lux palette
Hypnotize Eye Lux palette swatch

Tranquilize Palette & Swatch

Tranquilize Eye Lux Palette
Tranquilize Eye Lux Palette swatch

Tropicalize Palette & Swatch

I also decided that I would create a look out of the Tropicalize palette when I was writing up this review with the white color from the Dramatize palette for my inner corner. I also used a purple eyeliner for my upper eyelid as I thought it really matched this look. Plus this is a super fun summer/spring look.

Tropicalize Eye Lux Palette
Tropicalize Eye Lux Palette Swatch

Have you tried this palette before? If so, what are your thoughts on them?