L.A. Girl PRO Coverage HD Long Wear Illuminating Foundation Review & Swatches

L.A. Girl is a brand I haven’t tried a lot of products from before as they don’t sell these in any stores near where I live. But I heard of this foundation through LustreLux about 4 months ago, and was debating on trying it as it’s only $10. Then I saw Tati review some of their eyeshadows and I decided to order both of these together. And have been trying the foundation since then.

As I ordered these online, I had no idea what shade I was going to work for my skin tone. So I decided to order the shades: Porcelain (GLM643) and Fair (GLM642). These foundations are said to have a medium to full coverage as well as give you a smooth, long wearing flawless looking finish. Though Porcelain is listed as the darker shade, I find it actually the other way around as porcelain is the very fair shade. They do have 15 shades in total including a pure white one which can be used on it’s own or as a lightener. I also really love that this foundation comes with a pump so it’s easy to get the liquid foundation, but I find it so impossible to keep the bottles clean.

When the foundation first come out of the bottle they seem a lot darker than they actually are when blended out. For the spring/summer, I’ve actually been mixing the two shades together to create my base for the day so I have a little bit of a tan. Is that actually my skin tone? No, but I want a tan without getting a tan. And I blend it down my neck so you can’t 100% tell how off it really is.

Here are the swatches of the two shades:

Swatch of Porcelain

Swatch of Fair

I also love how this makes my skin feeling really hydrated, and it feels really lightweight. As for their claim that it’s medium to full coverage, I would agree with that claim. As this covers up everything including my “beauty mark” on my left cheek. And my concealer (Tarte Shape Tape and Wet’n’Wild PhotoFocus Concealer) as well as powders go on top of this without anything moving around or causing patches to appear. If you aren’t a fan of the glow which this foundation will give to your skin, powders will help mattify you back down.

Now one thing to note is this foundation has an almost paint smell. The smell that just reminds you of painting with water colors in elementary school. Now this smell does fade over time but if you are not a massive fan of smells, this foundation would not be for you.

Overall, I’m liking the foundation so far and will probably use this during the summer months along side of my other foundations as I like to switch between different foundations every few days. But I have recently noticed my skin is getting really irritated, problem is I don’t know if it’s from the foundation or something else that I’ve been trying recently. As this isn’t the only product I’ve been testing out. I’m going to have to keep testing it out to see if that’s truly the case, if so this won’t be my summer foundation but I still love how this foundation looks regardless. So I’m not going to fault the foundation, just my skin is just being a sensitive brat about it if it’s the foundation causing it to become irritated. Possibly if you have sensitive skin this might be a foundation to avoid. If you’ve tried this foundation before, let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Update – It was not the foundation that pissed off my skin. It was a skin care item or something else, I tried this foundation several more times and my skin did not become irritated either of those following times.

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