Learning Conflict Resolutions Through Nature: Chimpanzees

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Credit: Mad Science

On the next Learning Leadership Skills Through Nature, I’m going to be focusing on conflict resolutions which can be witnessed through chimpanzees. They live in close proximity to each other and exchange grooming, hugs and kisses, which serves to diffuse the chances of future conflict. After fights, the chimp who comes off worse in a conflict is the one who initiates reconciliation.

So how can we apply this to our own lives?

At work or in schools, we have to work in teams sometimes with people we don’t get along with. Due to different personalities or outlooks in life. This increasing the chances of conflict occurring. We must remember that conflict does not only affect the people involved in the argument, but also the entire team, thereby creating negativity. It is essential to understand the importance of resolving conflicts and maintaining amiability.

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