Learning Coordination Through Nature: Orcas

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In the next part of the “Learning Leadership Skills Through Nature” series, I’m going to be focusing on coordination through ocras, or killer whales as they are more commonly called. Orcas are one of the most dangerous predators that roam the seas. They hunt almost anything from seals to penguins to other whales even ones bigger than they are. Hence the nickname Killer Whale.

In order to accomplish this, they need to have a great understanding of collaboration and coordination. And this needs a lot of coordination in order to accomplish. Orcas live in pods and in order to catch fish that stay within schools, they need to work together by diving beneath the school and looping around it like an orca carousel. Along with blowing bubbles, calling and flashing their bellies to frighten the fish to keep them together versus darting off it different directions. Once the carousel is going full tilt, the fish try to jump to the top of the water thus allowing the orcas an easier way of getting them as all they need to do is slam the edge of the school with their tail to get their meal. Or other prey like seals who stay on rocks or beaches, orcas need to stay coordinated to keep them from escaping and prevent themselves from becoming beached. They are the only whale species that is able to complete this.

killer whalesSo what can be take away from the orcas to apply to our lives and learn a bit of leadership? Other than the generic “be coordinated.”

Coordination plays a major role in multi-tasking or completing any kind of task from simple to complex. Staying coordinated with your teammates without worrying about who gets the recognition helps the bigger picture coming to pass. And adds value to your organization.

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