Learning Empathy Through Nature: Elephants

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Credit: Elephants Forever Credit: Elephants Forever

So after writing “Learning Leadership Through Nature: The Wolf Pack”, I really enjoyed writing about that topic and wanted to explore other things we could learn through natures. Thus was born the idea for this series. I’m going to talking about various skills we can learn from various animals. For today’s article, we’re going to focusing on learning empathy from elephants. There’s no animal I can remotely think of that is as empathic as the elephant. We’ll also be returning to the elephant later on in this series are there are multiple skills we can learn from them as they are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. Plus they are very social leading them to act empathetically towards other members of the herd.

If any member of the herd is injured or sick, the others will try to pick them up with their trucks. And if a member were to die, the rest of the herd would mourn for this loss.

Unlike my previous article on leadership from the wolves, which came from a misconception about their pack dymanic. This one is actually something found in nature. Here are a few videos that show just how caring and supportive elephants are.

So how can we apply the elephants empathy to our own lives?

When you empathize with your team members and understand their joys and sorrows, you tend to create bonds which are very important for the team to perform better. Making an effort towards going that extra mile always reaps benefits at some point or the other.

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