Learning Wisdom Through Nature: Elephants

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This is our final Learning Leadership Skills Through Nature post. I’ve had a lot of fun with this series and I’ve hoped you’ve enjoyed it or learned something from it. Today’s in going to be on wisdom and there’s not another animal I can of for this but the elephant.  They are known for having great memory and using it to help the herd. Even to the point where in Hindu religion the god of wisdom is an elephant named Ganesh, and is one of most popular deities. So why are they known for wisdom and what can we learn from them?

The leader of the herd will pause for moments to observe everything around the herd. From the surroundings to each individual group member. Then use it to make sure the herd stays safe. They remember friendly faces to foes then acts accordingly.

This can be insanely useful in the corporate world. So how can you use this skill? At the beginning of every meeting, refrain from any activity for a couple of seconds, focus on the group, the energy in the room and your own physical condition. You will notice you can detect what’s might come up or if someone needs some additional help. And you’ll notice a lot will change when you use this technique.

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