Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Divine Beast Vah Rudania

Just the other day I got through the second of the Divine Beasts so I wanted to do another overview. Not an exact walkthrough of the dungeon as I think half the fun in a dungeon is figuring out the puzzle for yourself. Rudania is the lizard Divine Beast in Eldin Region’s Death Mountain. Rudania has been calm for 100 years until Link woke back up, similar to the other Divine Beasts, and has been making the volcano erupt and disrupting the mining to the lower mines.

Daruk was the Goron champion who was in charge of Vah Rudania, but fell to Fireblight Ganon. Since the Goron have been driving back Rudania with the use of canons, and Yunobo who has Daruk’s protection allowing him to be launched at the beast without taking damage.

You will need the fireproof armor or you will burn to death. A very large supply of fire elixirs can also get you through the area, especially when you need to go up against stronger enemies. As the armor isn’t the best for protection right away. You can get just the armor for free by getting 10 fire lizards and turning them in as well as three elixirs from the stable in the Eldin region, which is enough to get you to the guy giving you the armor. This won’t be enough to get through the abandoned mine to free Yunobo from the vault. Either two pieces or use an Elixir plus an armor piece to survive from here on out.

After freeing Yunobo and returning to Boss (Bludo), you’ll be tasked to head up to Rudania. Bludo will also give you 3 Flameproof Elixirs and mention Daruk, where link with remember his time with the Goron Champion on the Divine Beast. You’ll also learn Yunobo is a descendant of Daruk and that’s why he has Daruk’s protection which is a special shielding ability.

Like Ruta, Rudania has defense machinisms. Instead of ice blocks being tossed at you these ones are sentries. If you or Yunobo get spotted, then Rudania will rain down magma bombs. The sentries can be defeated with a combination of arrows, bombs, boulders (Stasis Rune), and metal crates (Magnesis Rune). There are a total of 10 sentries, and along the way you’ll launch Yunobo into Rudania to corner the Divine Beast where you can safe board. There will also be Moblin guards along the way.

When you enter Rudania, Daruk will give you guidance on where to download the map of Rudania. Like Ruta, Rudania is a separated map from the main world so leaving will cause Link to fall into the void or rather straight into the lava. The first section of the dungeon is completely dark save for some blue flames, Ganon’s Blight, and the Guardian Scouts. You will need to bring this flame from one side of Rudania to the other facing Guardian Scouts along the way. Once you have made it to the Guardian Stone and received the map the lights will come back on inside of Rudania.

Inside of Rudania there are a total of 5 terminals (one near you, two by the back legs, one by the tail, and one on the top) and 12 chests. You can also route Rudania by 90 degrees to change the layout of the dungeon. You’ll need to use a combination of Magnesis and fire arrows to get through the dungeon.

Once all of the terminals have been activated it’s time to go to the main control terminal which is on the back of Rudania. You will face Fireblight Ganon who has a diant sword in one hand and flames in the other. Compared to Waterblight Ganon, Fireblight Ganon is pretty simple. The first phase is like more or less a standard fight, I found staying close to him kept me out of range for most of his attacks and I could easily carve off his health without taking any damage. Note I was still wearing the fire armor from Goron City, so it’s not the best protection. Second Fireblight Ganon is at half health the battle changes. His weapon is set on fire and he’ll be encased in flames. He’ll teleport around and absorb energy for a major attack, if you throw a Remote Bomb in his direction then detonate it when he sucks it up, he will be stunned so you can wail on him some more with your weapons.

Once the fire shield is down, it’s back to a normal fight… just with a little more fire. You can use the gusts from this to paraglide above him to snipe him in the eye. Or shoot him in the eye from a distance. If you do shoot him in the eye, he will be stunned so you can wail on him with your weapons once again. Making the battle pretty easy in my opinion. Once you’ve defeated Fireblight Ganon, you’ll get a new Heart Container and control of Divine Beast Vah Rudania. Once you touch the main console again, Daruk will thank you and give you Daruk’s Protection. So like Yunobo you’ll have protection from all forms of damage while blocking. You can use the ability three times before it needs to recharge. At this point you won’t be able to return to Rudania and be returned to Goron City.

Talk to Goron Boss Bludo and you’ll be given the Boulder Breaker. A mighty weapon wielded by Daruk the Goron Champion. If you should ever damage the blade, you can talk to the blacksmith in town to repair it. Yunobo will also mention how he saw Daruk when Rudania got into position to help fight Calamity Ganon.

What did you think of Fireblight Ganon compared to the other Divine Beasts? So far, I think he’s the easiest. Considering I defeated him the first time with little protection, a statement I could not say with Waterblight Ganon.

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