Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Divine Beast Vah Ruta

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I was going to do one post overall on the Divine Beasts, but I haven’t done them all yet so I thought I would just do one post on each beast after I’ve faced it in the game for myself. I have seen the entire game to completion multiple times on YouTube, so I do know the other beasts. But for sake of checking it 100, I’m going to hold off until I’ve done the dungeon myself… literally just repeated myself but I’m going to leave that be. Now this isn’t a full walkthrough of the dungeon or the entire quest starting in the Zora’s Domain. More just an overview of the Divine Beast Vah Ruta.

One hundred years ago Zora’s champion Mipha fell to Waterblight Ganon and with it Divine Beast Vah Ruta. And the only thing that can help against the beast are shock arrows, but they are terrible for Zora so they cannot deal with Ruta themselves. Prince Sidon has the Zora search for a Hylian to help them deal with Ruta as the amount of water is threatening to break the dam. Which would flood all of Hyrule.

Before Mipha left she made Link armor that will allow you to swim faster and swim straight up waterfalls like a Zora. The King has been holding onto it all these years, and when presented to Link Muzu will protest. However, after putting on the armor and talking to Muzu he will realize Mipha really did care for if not loved Link. After Prince Sidon points out that it fits you perfectly. It turns out his plan for getting Shock Arrows involves finding a fearsome Lynel that resides on the top of the nearby Ploymus Mountain. Sidon will urge you to use the waterfall East of the domain to get there quickly, and will wait for you by the Divine Beast once you have collected 20 Shock Arrows. At this point, Link will also regain his memory of Mipha.

After you’ve gotten the shock arrows, you’ll go to the reservoir where Prince Sidon will meet you. There is a bed nearby to heal up. When you’re ready Prince Sidon will allow you to ride on his back so you can approach Ruta. You’ll need ot bat away giant ice blocks and shoot four pink orbs with Shock Arrows. To break the ice you can either shoot them with arrows or use Cryonis Rune. Once all four have been taken out, Vah Ruta will cease the endless downpour, and the path to the Dungeon will be revealed. At this point, Sidon will leave you to face the innards of Ruta alone.

As this is a dungeon it is considered a separate world to the rest of Hyrule. The only way on or off is through the waypoint. If you don’t use the waypoint, Link will act like he fell into the abyss. Also switch out your armor for something stronger as you will face several enemies as well as Waterblight Ganon. Also inside of Vah Ruta is Ganon’s corruption, which is an ooze that hurts to stand on. If you find an eye, shooting it will clear the way. Throughout the dungeon, you will hear Mipha’s voice telling you what to do. Including where to get the map, how many terminals are remaining, and tips on fighting Waterblight Ganon. As I mentioned, the dungeon is treated like a different world so when you open the map after downloading it, you’ll receive a 3D model of the beast with your position marked in it. You can also control certain parts of the Divine Beast in the map menu by selecting a position for the trunk and executing the command. There are 5 terminals and 6 chests inside of Vah Ruta. Once all terminals have been dealt with the main console is active. However, once defeating Waterblight Ganon you will not be able to return to Vah Ruta so make sure you have gotten all of the chests.

Waterblight Ganon has a very strong spear with a crazy reach… like the entire room is within reach no matter where he is at. He will either lunge, sweep, stab, or throw that spear at Link. Arrows shot at his eye can deal critical damage as well as stun him, so it is recommended to go for that to more easily defeat him. Cryonis Rune is also helpful as if Waterblight Ganon hits it with his spear then it will shatter, which forces him to teleport to another area and reassemble it in a costly animation that lets you strike at will. You can also take cover behind the main console, as he cannot hit you back there. At half health, the battle changes and he’ll be floating up in the air. Keep using Cryonis Rune and shooting him in the eye. If you’ve run out of arrows, Statis Rune can be used in it’s place to send it back at Waterblight Ganon. And if you somehow don’t have any weapons, bombs can be used but they cause very little damage.

Once he’s defeated, Mipha’s spirit will be freed. In thanks, Mipha will grant you her healing power called Mipha’s Grace. This ability upon death will revive you along with some additional hearts. It does have a recharge time in between use but can help you out in the future for get aways especially if you run into a guardian under prepared. After receiving the ability, you will be teleported out of Ruta to Zora’s Domain and see the Divine Beast leave to go help weaken Calamity Ganon.

Going back to the King Zora, you will be congratulated from the Zora and awarded Mipha’s Lightscale Trident which Dento can fix if it gets broken at some point on your journey. Also new side quests have opened up with the Zora around the domain.

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