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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Korok Hunting


Something I really love in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is hunting for Korok seeds. At first I didn’t play too much attention to it and just traveled with my horse to get to places quickly. Then after completing Vah Ruta Divine Beast, I decided to stop and go by foot so I could experience everything. And not miss anything including all of the hidden Korok seeds. Which you can get all around Hyrule by performing specific actions. These seeds can be traded with Hestu for increased inventory space for weapons, shields, and bows. There are a total 900 seeds, if these are all turned in you get a gift from Hetsu.

Now I’m not going into where to find all of the seeds as I haven’t found them all myself. And I think it’s more fun to discover them for yourself. So instead I’m just going to go over the different types of puzzles you will encounter that are hiding the seeds. A good rule of thumb is that Korok Seeds can be anywhere and everywhere. If something looks odd, or out of place, there’s probably a Korok Seed to be found. So here are the different types of puzzles you will encounter in Breath of the Wild:

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