Let’s Talk About… 100 Days of Makeup on Instagram

Starting at the beginning of June, I am making it a goal of mine for 100 days to post something makeup related every single day. And since my theme on Instagram is having 3 similar posts in a row, I’m not sure if that means 3 images a day or I do 3 days of similar things. Like a makeup look 3 times then product close ups 3 times. Or a combination of both. I’m doing this challenge to further improve my photography skills as well as to get better overall with makeup. I’m planning on doing a lot of things I haven’t tried before like body painting and advant garde. Normally I use references but I’m in the mood to create something original.

Some of these will have YouTube videos associated with them while others don’t. No rhyme or reason to it, but I just know I can’t handle doing 100 videos in a row at the moment. I don’t have the time at the moment to film, edit and upload that many videos. One day maybe. Plus I upgraded my editing software so I’m trying to get used to the creative cloud version of everything compared to version 13, and nothing is where or interacts the way I’m used to. So a video every day would be a headache, plus this is mainly for Instagram not YouTube. Maybe one day in the future I’ll do a 100 Days of Videos on YouTube. Though I have no idea what I would do for that.

Also not all of these photos will be on my blog as I want to talk about other subjects as well. I love makeup and want to get even more into that realm, but I also really love lifestyle. So I don’t want to neglect that topic for the 100 days of this challenge. Granted there will be a lot more makeup/beauty posts as compared to the lifestyle ones. But since not every day these will be the makeup/beauty related I will do a weekly roundup post on all the images from that week and talk about the ones that didn’t get featured already in a blog post.

And some of the looks may fall flat or go horribly wrong, but that’s the point of the 100 days. It’s to learn and grow! I’m still not sure what I’m going to do every day, so if you have any suggestions let me know in the comments!

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