Let’s Talk About… Camping


One of my favorite things to do when I was growing up was going camping. I haven’t camped in many moons, but I have fond memories of it. From going with my family to with my church to with my girl scout troop. I used to go at least every summer or fall depending on what was going on. I loved the cool crisp evenings, cooking and sitting by the bonfire, and telling stories to one another.

I learned a lot from those camping trips. Whether it was various survival things like starting a fire without starter fluid or how to stay warm and dry. Or just basic things like remembering what to pack. One time I completely forgot underwear (something I still don’t live down with my family as they mention it every time I travel) and on that same trip getting my monthly period a week early so I was unprepared for both. So you learn how to get through it with some dignity and grace… but mainly being creative with your roll of toilet paper and using the lake to your advantage when possible. Since on that camping trip we were canoeing down a river in Wisconsin.

On another camping trip it was the Fourth of July and our camper didn’t arrive to the new camp ground, so my family all shared a small tent. That same week was non-stop rain and it turned out our tent was not waterproof. So we had to get creative in making sure our stuff was off the ground and we managed to stay dry. It was hard considering at one point there was three inches of rain on the floor of our tent. I will admit that week, we gave up and slept in the car. Until we discovered my grandparents were also staying in that campground, so my sister and I ended up sleeping on their couch. Instead of sharing the car with my mom, dad, and our big German Shepard mix dog.


What are some of your favorite camping memories?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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