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Let’s Talk About… Going Offline


This is something I’ve been debating on for the past few months. I find myself always online either on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or blogging. So I’m setting a goal for myself that starting September 1st until October 1st, I’m going to be completely offline. Now I am prepping blog posts for every day while I’m offline as well as some YouTube videos, but these will be un-monitored for the entire month. And I’m still panicking for this as I feel like I’m going to missing everything, but that’s the exact reason why I need to take the entire month off. I’m too addicted to it. I stay up at night being online and it’s the first thing I do when I wake up.

While I’m offline, I’m also putting the 100 days of makeup on pause as I find every scheduling app doesn’t actually post it just reminds you to post at that time which would defeat the purpose of going offline for the month. Plus I don’t have enough time to create that many looks, blog posts, and YouTube videos in the next few weeks to do that. So it’s just on pause for the time being but I have every intention of finishing it when I come back online October 1st.

As there are still a few weeks left, if you have any tips about staying offline please let me know. So I can try them out starting on the 1st.


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