Let’s Talk About… Going Offline

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We’ve all been guilty of spending aimless amount of time just scrolling through our social media pages like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram instead of doing other things. For instance before going to bed I find myself flipping between the different applications looking at posts that I honestly could skip without missing anything. Not to say that I don’t enjoy the applications and those I follow, but you know what I mean. Instead of doing these types of activities, I put off other ones that I really used to enjoy.

For instance reading. I love to read and growing a library filled of my favorite books. I have a reading list of like a hundred books that’s constantly growing, but I never get to them. What am I doing instead? Scrolling through a million pictures on Instagram or casually through tweets. And then I look at the books I put on my end table of things to read next and get sad that I never pick up the books. So I’m going to make the conscious decision every night that the hour before I go to bed, I’m just going to go offline and read the mountain of books.

Currently I’m reading Zoe Sugg’s Girl Online.  I have the entire trilogy but have never read a single page. Because as I said, I had a mountain of books to read that I hadn’t touch in about two years. I am really enjoying her book so far. It’s a light read but I’m really getting into it. After that I don’t know what I’m going to reach for next as I’m already half way through the book after only an hour and half of reading. Haven’t quite decided if I’m going to just finish out the series to begin with or grab one of the other books off my night stand. And a lot of those were from the book club she did. Plus practically every blogger was recommending them.

Other things I need to do in the realms of going offline more often are:

  • Taking Pixie for a walk more often even if it’s dark outside. She has a light up collar and I have no excuse for it. Granted I have to walk on the road where I live since there’s no way I’m going down the path in the woods at night. I’ve seen enough Criminal Minds to know that’s a terrible decision.
  • Exercising. I put this on my list of things to do every week and I never do it. I look up home exercises, put on workout clothes… and then I sit there scrolling through Pinterest getting distracted by other things and never actually working out.
  • Writing. I used to write novels for myself all the time. Then I just stopped one day and never tried to write anything down again. And in part I believe it’s due to blogging. Same goes with journaling. I poured so much into writing for my blogs that I just stopped writing anything else. And I really want to get back into it.

What could you be doing instead of scrolling through social media? And how are you going to get offline more to make time to tackle those items?

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