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Golfing has been something my family has done for my entire life. I took golf lessons for years and I went with them for a long time to the golf course. Until I was about fourteen and wanted nothing to do with golf anymore. Then the other day, a new golf range called TopGolf opened up about ten minutes away from our house. My company decided to have one of their quarterly parties there, and I got hooked on the game.

Top Golf.jpg

TopGolf has nine different games using microchipped golf balls that score themselves based off which hole you get the ball into. So you instantly get some feedback on each shot’s accuracy and distance. They have 11 dartboard like targets on a 215-yard outfield. The farther out the shot goes and the closer to the pin, the more points you will receive. I have gone twice now, once with my company and once with my sister. And the farthest I’ve been able to get is the blue hole which is a distance of about 140 yards. Which considering I haven’t golfed in like ten years, I would say is pretty good.

TopGolf 1.jpg

And it has been snowing in Minnesota, but you honestly wouldn’t tell as they have climate-controlled bays. A sweater at time was too much and I did notice that the seats and table were hot as well from the heaters. Not that it’s bad, but don’t set your phone directly on them or they might overheat. They also have food, drinks, music, and sports TV for you to enjoy when you’re not up to golf.

You do need a membership to golf there, but it’s only $5 for a lifetime membership and it’s the same price as a one time visit. And an hour of golf at least at the Minneapolis location is $45. But you only pay per the bay and can have up to a group of 6 at a single bay. So if you split it has a group it’s only $7.50, which isn’t too bad. However, going by yourself can get a bit expensive so it’s better to do it has a group plus it’s more fun since you’re mainly there to play the nine different games (I have not played them all nor know all of the rules so I’m not going to list them all out).

I don’t know if I would go golfing again at a golf course, but I had a lot of fun golfing at TopGolf and would do it again.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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