Let's Talk About... New Laptop

My new laptop has arrived and I have it all setup! I'm so happy about this because my previous laptop was great and all but had so many issues. For instance, it couldn't handle like any of the games I really wanted to play, overheated all the time, and Blue Screened quite often. Hopefully, this new laptop will last longer than four years as this was not a cheap laptop. I got a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series Gaming laptop. I am a little sad as I don't have duplicates of all my stickers to place on my new laptop as I had on my old one.


  • 16 GB of RAM with option of going up to 32 GB of RAM
  • 7th generation Intel i7 Quad-Core Processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti graphics card with 4 GB
  • 15.6 inch FHD (1920 x 1080) Anti-Glare LED Display
  • Windows 10 64-bit Operating System
  • 2 hard drives (1 x 128 GB Solid State Drive, 1 x 1 TB hard drive)
  • 720p webcam... which I probably won't use but still nice
  • 3 USB 3.0 ports, 1 HDMI port, and 1 memory card reader

Reason I really wanted a gaming laptop is because I game all the time. And a lot of that time I upload those gameplays to my second YouTube channel. And I was tired of having a graphic card/laptop that couldn't keep up with it. Plus for just regular video editing, I need a computer that can handle the rendering without it basically causing the entire thing to crash every time. So going with these specifications isn't overkill for me, if anything I might end up increasing the RAM up to it's maximum. I'm going to start out with the 16 and see where that falls as right now I push my 8 GB laptop to it's max often. So hopefully another 16 isn't needed but it's nice that this is an option down the road if I need it.

Why Windows over Mac?

Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a mac. But I spent around four years of my life learning the ins and outs of Windows, so it's what I'm familiar with. Plus I know almost every application I use works with Windows. And some are solely supported on Windows. Whereas, on Mac I have no idea how to navigate it. The file and application system just confuse me. Aesthetically a Mac is pretty but I'm more for function/ability than looks when it comes to computers. Sure Mac is better for photography and editing, but you can still do all the same things on Windows. So I'm going to go with what I know versus what everyone else has.

Sticker Fun

As much as I love the sleek look of laptops without any decorations on them. I get over that really quick and want my laptop to be covered in stickers of all the things that I really love. So in the past I have had the following stickers: Alpha Omicron Pi, Eevee, Not of This World (NOTW), Ravenclaw. church logo, and various other things. This time I wanted to do something different so I got two 100 packs that have a lot of different choices in them. But I didn't want to put so many on the laptop that you could only see a corner of the first layer stickers and it have a centimeter thick coat for the top. So this was the result I came out with. And I love it!

What type of laptop or computer do you use? Or which brand is your favorite?