Let’s Talk About… Things I Don’t Have Time For

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I work somewhere between 50-70 hours every week between my two jobs, run three blogs, and two YouTube channels so there are a lot of things I just don’t have time for. So I’ve developed some lazy habits as my mom would call them towards certain things. And I’m not ashamed of it. In fact, I don’t get the point of doing these things. They don’t bother me and don’t affect anyone else so why bother with them, it literally makes no point. And I know I’m not the only one out there that shares my thoughts on these “chores”. So here is a list of all the things I don’t have time for and will not make time for.

  • Making my bed. Why spend x amount a time every morning making my bed perfect when it’s just going to be messed up come evening. Add on that my dog spends all day on my bed and will move the blankets around, it just makes no sense. Also I like the bed being unmade, it’s more comfortable when I go to sleep. The sheets are loose and easier to move around in, especially when I move around in my sleep.
  • Cleaning the inside of my car. My philosophy is just not making a flipping mess in my car. I’m the only one that goes in my car and a little dirt here or there doesn’t make me crazy. Also I take Pixie to the dog park often so her dirty paws messing up the back seat doesn’t bother me as no one else is sitting back there. And if they are, there’s a blanket so why clean the car after every trip to the dog park.
  • Touching up my hair on a regular basis. I love to dye my hair as I’m not a fan of the dirty water blond hair that I have, but hell will have to freeze over before I have time to keep up with whatever uptake of that color. I will wait until it grows out and dies before I’ll get it touched up again. A really nice bayalage will turn into ombré hair if you wait long enough.
  • Doing my laundry. This is not to say that I never clean my clothes, but I like to wait until I’m basically out of clothes before I’ll clean my laundry. This also forces me to wear basically everything I own first and if I don’t grab it especially when everything is gone then that tells me it’s time to get rid of that article of clothing. Plus on top of that I hate folding my clothes. It’s just too much. My roommate will vouch for that, I got a second laundry basket. One for dirty clothes and one for clean. And I’ll live out of that clean basket until it’s all gone then I’ll go to the rest of my clothes. It’s a revolving door of cleaning clothes and not folding them. Last thing in the laundry category, if it’s an article of clothing that needs extra attention like dry cleaning or ironing then I don’t want it. That’s too much. On top of that I’m not going to be separating out my clothes more than white and everything else. If I can’t have it go in the everything else category then it doesn’t belong in my closet. It’s too high maintenance for me.
  • Watching TV. I love TV shows, but I do not have time to map out my entire life around when the next episode of blank is going to be on. Or making sure I watch it during the short window it’s available on either Hulu or the show’s network. If I can’t binge watch like on Netflix, or watch on my terms then I do not keep up to date on the show. And I will get mad if you ruin the season for me even though I’m not keeping up with it. This also goes with movies. I hardly ever see movies when they are actually in theaters.
  • Nail Polish. I like painting my nails from time to time, or putting on a Jamberry nail wrap every now and then. But I’ll be damn if I give a flying flip about a clip or worn/grown out nail polish. And I don’t think I need to make excuses for that. If you watch any of my YouTube videos you’ll see what I mean. My nail polish is never perfect and I’m okay with that.
  • Brushing my hair. This probably stems from the fact that I have wavy hair naturally. I only brush my hair after I’ve taken a shower or bath. Otherwise I leave it alone. I might run my fingers through it but that’s it. Brushing it kills the waves and turns it into a fizz disaster. If it starts looking bad, I’ll just throwing it in a messy bun or take another shower.
  • Shopping in Stores. I get the point of them, I really do. Sometimes I like just to see things in person because it’s fun and tangible. But I am so much happier ordering things online. If I could order everything online, so it would just arrive at my house I would be so happy. As then I don’t have to deal with people. However, where I live not everything is available to order online. A good amount but not everything, so I have to go in stores and deal with people trying to sell me things I don’t want. No, I don’t want your damn membership credit card. I have enough, so please stop asking me to sign up for yours. I don’t want it! Or no, I don’t want a handful of other things that I didn’t come here for. Please don’t sell me extra things. I get you have commission or conversion rate or whatever because your company doesn’t pay you enough, but why is it my job to get you the pay you deserve for your job. That should be on the employer, not me. And that goes with tipping. It’s a terrible concept, I do it but it’s horrible.
  • Fashion. I love fashion but I don’t have time to keep up with trends or constantly wearing a new outfit. It’s too much work. Which is another reason I stopped doing fashion posts. And to be honest sometimes I wear clothes multiple days in a row, especially on the weekend. Because it doesn’t smell horrible and saves time.

Let me know if there are anything that you don’t have time for.

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