Let’s Talk About… Things that Irritate Me

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I was watching back some old YouTube videos lately and some that really got me inspired were Jenna Marble’s rants. Now she doesn’t make this style of video anymore but I really wanted to do my own version on my blog of just all the things that irritate me. Now my co-workers and most people that causally know me, know that I don’t get angry or upset by much. However, there is still a heck of a lot of things that frustrate me to no end. And I just need to get it out of my system.

Unfair Wages

Knowing my male co-workers who are at the same job level as me and have worked at my job the same amount of time as me make more money than me. And I only know that because they were openly talking about it for some reason. Which drives me crazy because I’ve been struggling to afford all my bills lately and knowing they make more than me kind of is the tip of the iceberg. So I’m going to very nicely talk to my boss about it because that’s just not right.

Lazy Co-Workers

Speaking of work, I have two jobs and very little personal time. And at my second job we have closing activities, if we all collectively get them done we can leave early most of the time. And if I can get a minute or two back in my day to do something I enjoy, I try my hardest to achieve that. So I have developed a good work ethic to get tasks done quickly and correctly. However, this also leads me to the next thing that irritates me, which is when I end up doing everything or feels like I’m the only one that’s doing the mass majority of the chores.

Pixie’s attitude

I love my little bug, but sometimes she irritates the crap out of me and it’s mainly her stubborn attitude that she gets every now and then. From just refusing to eat then spending the next hour growling and barking at the other dogs, to flat out shunning me when I get home from work especially if it’s been a long day at both jobs. All I want is a kiss or hug from her, and instead, I’m met with her quite literally sticking her nose up at me and walking away. I don’t need your sass, Bug!


Now don’t get me wrong, I live in the United States where you are expected to tip 20% and I do give tips as expected. But I also find the entire concept irritating, we are expected to pay someone their wages instead of the place they work at. Other countries have no problem with paying people actual wages so you don’t have to tip. Plus if you have a horrible experience, you’re still expected to tip nicely otherwise you’re saying that they should starve. It should just be included in the price of the meal because playing the guessing game of did I tip enough is annoying as hell. And if you’re sharing a meal with a group of friends, there is always one person in the group that doesn’t tip well so you have to cover them. It’s irritating!

Those are just some things that irritate me, what are some things that drive you crazy? Let’s all just have one really nice rant about stuff.

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