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Okay before I start out this post about vlogging, I want to make a standard disclaimer… Please Do Not Hold Me Accountable to This. Okay, now that we have that over with let’s getting into vlogging. Something I did when I started out my YouTube channel was vlog. That goes for both the channel I had in college that has since been deleted and my current channel. I did them in different formats in each channel. One I did just whatever I wanted to talk about similar to my Ten Minutes With Mae (TMWM) segments I sometimes do, and the other being follow me around vlogs. I have done a few TMWM recently but I want to just make those segments more of just vlogs in either format. Now they for sure won’t be daily vlogs or anything like that, but I’m going to start doing them more often. Every week if not every other week. I’m kind of gotten the inspiration from Julien Solomita. I stopped vlogging because I didn’t think I could vlog if I had work or something that took up the mass majority of my day. But I miss vlogging since I cut it out. So I’m going to be trying to develop my own format between the two styles. And this in part goes with my whole bedroom/office reconfiguration. As I want to have more of a balance between lifestyle type things and beauty type things.

I will mainly be vlogging on my iPhone and GoPro so the audio is going to be off, but I can’t afford another camera especially after everything with Pixie last month. So for the time being until I can, I’ll be using one of those two devices.

Now I don’t know what format I’m going to go with at the moment but I’m excited for it. I know a portion of it will be time lapses, because I do a lot of things where I’m just sitting in one spot working on something or whatnot. But I love watching vlogs where you see the person just going through their normal day, rather than just the crazy things. Don’t get me wrong, I love those things too but there’s something so relatable about just seeing someone working on whatever. So that will probably become part of the vlogs. At least the first ones that I do for the follow me around style.

For the other format, those will be me sitting in my room talking about random topics that I need to spill about from current events to other things. Either sitting on my bed or the little lifestyle display/bookshelf that I’m currently working on setting up in my room. I might also just move my beauty stuff into that area as well, but I don’t know at the moment. I kind of like the separation between the two areas. The office will always be separate from my bedroom as there’s not enough room in my bedroom for both. Plus it helps my mind with having the two separated. I sleep ten times better having them apart, as I game a lot in my office for my gaming channel (shared channel with my roommate). Plus we would have an empty room if I didn’t use it for that.

Now why did I say “Please Do Not Hold Me Accountable to This?” Mainly because I don’t want to feel pressured into making vlogs daily or weekly or whatever. I want to do those just as things come up. Either I need to rant or just gush over something, or I want to bring you guys along to something I’m doing that’s really cool. Any day I do a vlog, those will also need included in a blog post probably under the “Let’s Talk About…” series or something similar. I haven’t fully decided yet.

I’m just in the mood to experiment with a few different things, so thank you in advance for your patience and support as I try new things. Hey you never know what’s going to click until you give it a go. And since I’m only going to try to do it weekly, I think I’m going to have those go up on the weekends while I’m getting the hang of daily blogging.

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