Life Lately ♥ August 2017

This month has been crazy stressful with work and on top of that I decided to take all of next month off of going online. So I’ve been trying to get 24 gaming videos done, 13 blog posts for my other blog, and as many blog posts I can manage to get done for this blog while I’m away. There won’t be one every day as I just didn’t have time for all of that. But there is one every few days while I’m gone in September. So I hope your next month is amazing and I’ll see you all in October!

The main highlight of my month was going to the Simple Plan concert at First Avenue on the main stage with my roommate Rose. Not only did we get to see one of my current favorite bands that opened for them, Set it Off, but we got to talk to them afterwards. Though it was brief because Rose managed to win us passes to the VIP After Party where we got to hang out with Simple Plan. I wore a Brutal Legend shirt I had gotten in a Loot Gaming box which made me feel like the little scene/emo kid I always wanted to be back in the day when I first listened to Simple Plan. Plus it was a great conversation starter as I literally am too nervous to talk to people. And that is not limited to just bands that I have loved for ages. I literally have no idea what to say at meet & greets. If I ever had to do one myself (which will probs never happen), I would probably be the most awkward person in the world hiding under a table or something.

Next month, I’m going to EmoNight LA when it comes to Minneapolis. Which I’m insanely excited for to rock out to all the bands that were literally my junior and senior high years. Not sure what I’m going to wear at the moment but I’ll figure something out. Most likely going to wear my Linkin Park concert t-shirt with something else. Possibly black jeans with studded belts and my converse shoes. But who knows. I’m just really excited for it as concerts or dancing events are the one place where issues literally don’t matter. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in the world or your life, all problems are just void. You just let loose and embrace the music.

Oh one other thing that happened this month is I accidentally dyed my hair black. And I hate it. As much as I try to get into it, I’m not. It’s not for me. I loved my red hair way more and will be attempting to go back to it in September but I want to do it without killing my hair in the process. I also hate that my roots in the right light reveal the root color I honestly wanted that would’ve gone perfect with the oxblood color. But now it just looks off as the ends are pitch black. I can only honestly consider myself having a good hair day if it’s up in a ponytail or bun so I see the roots more than the ends, or if I’m wearing a beanie. Which I can’t do at work so it’s up most days.

See you all in October.

Mae signing off!

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