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IMG_6275.jpgThis week started out with Pixie’s fifth birthday, it’s insane to think my little puppy is half way through her life or so. Which I’m kind of sad about, but she’s my best friend so it was fun to celebrate her birthday. She got to have full run of the plush toy drawer that belongs to Winnie, which was something she really loved. I also gave her a spoonful of peanut butter with her favorite treat in the middle. Which is had a lot of fun with since the peanut butter was cold from being in the fridge beforehand. And it was a little hot outside so I’m sure that made it even better.

I seriously wish I had a playstation as I just discovered the joy of Detroit: Become Human. I haven’t seen the full game yet through walking Let’s Plays on YouTube, but the game looks so incredible. And I have to say Connor is a good boy. And probably my favorite character in the game, though Kara is awesome too and is best mom. Markus I’m not entirely sure of but that’s only ’cause what I’ve seen of the game he hasn’t spoken or done much other than painting with Carl. But I can’t wait to see how the game plays out, would love to play it myself to see how the story goes. I do have to say the game brings up a lot of interesting conversations including race between humans and androids, and how we treat artificial intelligence. Are they just machines or can they think/feel for themselves? Or should we even allow that? What do you think?

Update on my skin now that about a month and a half has past since I stopped taking Halo Beauty Skin, Nail, and Hair Boosters. My skin has eased back up on the oily-ness. Which I’m so, so happy about. I hated taking my face and just feeling grease/oil. My skin used to always border that line on the dry side so suddenly having oily skin just wasn’t vibing with me. As for acne, I don’t have as massive of break outs compared to while I was on Halo but I still have some. But these ones are all on my chin which is either hormones or stress… and I’ve been insanely stressed this month so I will chalk those up to that. Overall, I think my skin is in a much better place then it was when I was taking Halo Beauty. Not sure why that happened, but from what I’ve seen on their Facebook page I’m not the only one. Plus the boosters messed with my monthly cycle, and caused a lot of issues there so yeah glad I’m not on it anymore.

Although I love doing weekly updates, I think I’m just going to go back to just doing one life lately at the end of the month. I’m also just taking a break on the daily blogging to focus on more in depth posts and to focus on my mental health. Which has been pretty much on the edge lately. Mainly due to stress from factors that I can’t control. So I want to focus on getting myself in a better place as I have a lot to work on. This is also going to be my last month eating out for lunch every day, sugar in pop, and saving up to get a personal trainer. I’m still going to allow myself one lunch out every week for now but the goal is to completely cut it out. Along with caffeine and sugars in general. But I’m only going to start cutting things slowly, or I’m going to go into crazy withdrawal over everything. And I need to get my health in order from physical to mental. So that’s why I need to take a break from daily blogging, as I just need the time to focus on me for a little bit.

Weekly Discoveries/Obsessions

  • Mobile Games: Hogwarts Mystery (Year 4).
  • TV Shows: The Vampire Diaries (Season 7).
  • Video Games: Detroit: Become Human.

Weekly Influencer Shout-Outs

  1. Chessney Rice (Lifestyle Blogger): Blog | Instagram | Twitter
  2. Sandy Hirales (Makeup Artist): Instagram | Twitter
  3. Hannah Podbury (Travel Blogger): Blog | Instagram | Twitter

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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