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Life Lately | June 2018


Where did this month even go? It has just flown straight past us it seems like. I’ve been busy doing a lot of projects for at work and trying to find a place to move to in September. Since it’s now finally the time where most places know if they are going to have open units when that time comes. And my search area is now limited to around Downtown Minneapolis. Is it the cheapest option? Not really but it’s close to work, which is what I want at the moment. I’m tired of driving in traffic and the ever raising price of gas that is helping to destroy my budget. Granted I know it will be a small apartment and I could get a bigger one farther out of the cities and take a bus instead. But considering I’ve been living in a Harry Potter closet for almost a year, I think any size apartment will be plenty big for me.

Twins Baseball 1

This last weekend I had a five day weekend, stretching from Friday to Tuesday. Which was amazing! To straight it out I went to the Twins game at Target Field. And though I’m not going to point out which building, my office is somewhere in the background. We royally lost the game with the score being 8-1. But I still had a lot of fun going out with my mom and sister. Though I probably should’ve worn a nude lipstick or one of my Lipsense ones as the oxblood red lip I wore ended up giving me Pennywise or Joker lips on more than one occasion during the course of the night. But after a super stressful week where I got little to no sleep, or any me time in general it was nice not to have to think about work.

I ended up looking at apartments, and found one apartment I seriously loved… And I got the unit. But after debating on it further, I decided not to go with it. There was a patio on this unit, the only unit with a patio and it didn’t really have a privacy wall nor could I add one. And there weren’t places for guests to park and if I wanted parking down the line, it was ridiculously expensive. Plus the apartment wasn’t even 400 square feet, and was on the upper side of my budget. So yeah… back to the drawing board to find an apartment. I am going to move in August, so I have like a month to find a place. Though my mom would let me stay longer if I needed. But due to this search, I’m not going to be posting every day in the month of July and probably early August when I’m moving.

I’m tired of the Harry Potter closet that’s also a sauna. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll probably have heard me rant or complain about this numerous times. But seriously, this room is terrible in the summer. It somehow is the one place in my mom’s house that doesn’t get AC and my fan does little to cool down the room. I’ve almost had heatstroke multiple times in the room and if I have a chance to sleep somewhere else, I’m out of that room in a moment’s notice. Even if it means sleeping on the world’s most uncomfortable couch just so I’m not dying of heat.

Weekly Obsessions/Discoveries

  • Mobile Game: Hogwarts Mystery (Year 4).
  • Songs: Sober by Demi Lovato.
  • TV Shows: A Series of Unforunate Events (Season 2).

Weekly Influencer Shout-Outs

  1. Jill Foran; makeup reviewer: YouTube | Instagram
  2. RyanKellyMUA; lip art master: Instagram | Twitter | YouTube
  3. Kellie Marie; lifestyle and fashion blogger: Blog | Twitter | Instagram
  4. The Financial Diet; financial blogger  : YouTube | Blog | Twitter

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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