Life Lately | May 2018

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Purple and White Flowers

Has another month seriously already passed? How is this year almost half way over?! I feel like it was just winter yesterday… probably ’cause we had snow up until a few weeks ago. But I’m overly excited that the flowers are back! I’ve been posting a lot of them over on my Instagram from my mom’s garden/backyard. I can’t wait for a garden or place of my own to have my own little plants. Granted two of mine were combined into one planter, but I honestly don’t know if my mom is going to let me take them when I move since it’s really the only plant downstairs. So maybe I can convince her to let me separate them so I have half and she has the other half.

I’m really proud of myself as I have actually managed to post two videos on each of my channels every single week. And have been having a lot of fun with the videos, but I do want to add some more creative looks starting next months. Especially ones inspired by various shows and video games. I’ve been watching a lot of Vampire Diaries/The Originals and The 100, so I’m debating on doing several of these. Plus of course some inspired by video games like Dragon Age and Alice: Madness Returns. If you would like to see any of them in the future, let me know which types of videos or looks you want to see in the future. I just this week moved my entire setup upstairs to my little Harry Potter closet sized bedroom. I’m still trying to figure out a layout that works the best, but I wanted to bring back the streams. But I didn’t feel like I could really do them downstairs especially when the time I would stream is the same time a Twins game is on. So it’s a battle for the downstairs that I lose… hence moving upstairs so I could maybe do some more gaming.

I am also post-poning my tattoo until mid-next month as my car needed like everything done for it and ate up my budget including the money I was saving for a plane ticket/hotel to Bozeman, Montana for my big’s wedding. Which I’m beyond sad that I won’t be able to go anymore. But sometimes life just happens, and you just have to deal with it.

I’ve also gotten my hair cut a lot shorter and I’m seriously in love with it. I even want to do my hair more like styling wise to make it as cute as possible. I also have doing it almost the same way every day since I got it. Which is my hair down but with the left side tucked behind my ear. And gives me slight Freya hair vibes from season 4… though I wasn’t going for that at all, but I’m not mad at that at all. I really love Freya from The Originals and she had badass hair.

Monthly Obsessions/Discoveries

  • TV Shows: The Originals and The 100
  • Mobile Games: Hogwarts Mystery
  • Video Games: The Sims 4 and Alice: Madness Returns

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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