Looking Back at the Last 4 Years of Makeup

This is something that I saw Sarah McGonagall post on Twitter the other day, of looking at artistic growth over the last four years (2017-2020). And it got me looking back at my photos that I’ve saved over the years of makeup looks that I’ve done. Plus, considering I haven’t been doing any makeup since I ran out of contacts during quarantine I thought this would be a fun idea.

A bunch of these looks are recreations. Unfortunately, past me wasn’t smart enough to title all of the photographs with that for my personal archives. The ones I can remember I’ll have a note. And not all of these I shared on Instagram or my blog somewhere as I didn’t always post everything.


This is the year I started doing creative makeup, and started to spend more time on my makeup as well as switched to being cruelty free. I had no idea what I was doing and felt like I wasn’t good. Also, was the first year I started having fashion hair which I really miss.


Even though this was one of the worst years in my life, I love the makeup looks that I created during this year as it was my escape. I was living at home with my mom and she would laugh every time I came downstairs asking what I turned myself into that day. It was a lot of fun, and I spent a lot of time improving and learning.


Probably my year as far as makeup since I did so many looks that it was hard to narrow it down further than this. Honestly some of them I’m surprised were even all in that same year. This was also the year that I started wearing false lashes in pretty much every look.


We’re not that far into this year but these were some of my favorite looks so far. Once everything is over and I get contacts again where I can see what I’m doing I’m going to do a lot more looks.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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