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Looking Back at What I Read in 2020


2020 was a tough year for a lot of us. I know I already talked a bit about this in my Happy New Year and Goals for January 2021 posts, but I thought I would make a dedicated post for going over the books that I read last year and if any of my thoughts have changed in regards to them. Since this last year really got me back into reading, as before other than Shadowhunters Chronicles which was the majority of my reading in 2019 I pretty much never read. But in 2020, I read at least six to eight books a month. If not, more as I often end up reading several books multiple times or re-reading various chapters repeatedly.

What I Read in 2020

Which was a total of 28 books. But considering the number of re-reads, it was more like 70+ as honestly I’ve lost track how many times I’ve re-read some of these books. I know a few of them are approaching the dozenth time. Overall, I liked if not loved every book that I read this year. Since I made a post on almost every single one of these, I’m not going to go over every single book.

Books I Re-Read A LOT

Books That I Wasn’t Wowed By

There were only two books that I wasn’t overly wowed with in 2020, those were:

Neither were bad, but they took a while to read.

I kept setting the book aside, or forcing myself to get through the next section. The latter more applied to Crier’s War. I’m still planning on reading the sequel to that book this year to see if it gets better, but I don’t have high hopes at this point. Crooked Kingdom I more just found a disappointment in comparison to Six of Crows as the first book I couldn’t put down. Apparently there’s going to be another book in the series coming at some point in the future, so maybe that will redeem itself a bit.

What books did you read in 2020?

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