Loot Crate/Loot Pets February: BUILD

So this months theme for Loot Crate and Loot Pets is BUILD. Here’s what came in mine and Kiki’s boxes and thoughts on them.

So in the original Loot Crate came:

  • Tetris Magnates
  • Cyborg Lego Dimensions Figure
  • Mighty Moprhin Power Rangers Megazord t-shirt
  • Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Megazord pin which 
  • Batman food container
  • February booklet
  • Thank you card/logo change card
  • Secret Order of Keys card

My favorite items from his month are the Tetris magnets and the Batman food storage.The magnets are already up on my fridge but I’ll get to more of that in a sec. Also the box turned into an adorable robot.

This month’s pin unlocks a few digital editions of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comics.

The other new thing this month was the Secret Order of Keys card. Around 8pm my curiosity made me pull up the link. I was brought to a page that had puzzles involving this month’s theme and some of the items. You had to make and manipulate things to solve the puzzles for answers. If you answered all six by March 5th you are eligible for a bonus loot item next month *while supplies last. I got super excited because I love puzzles and brain games. I printed everything right away and got to work. 

Puzzles included having Batman travel Rome writing out a message, using the grid of the shirt for a message, using the Tetris magnets and even printing and building your own tetrominos.

My favorite puzzles were the Tetroninos even though using regular paper made them really flimsy and my printer didn’t print all the fold lines leaving me lost until I finally thought to look at the PDF for reference. I also liked the puzzle that required building an original creation with the Cyborg kit. There were no instructions so I was just going off the picture. The Batman and T-shirt ones felt more tedious and not as fun. I looked and a lot of the feedback is for puzzles requiring less printing and I totally agree but I love the idea of a more interactive way of using the loot and not just sharing. However it was fun taking over the main floor setting up all my different puzzles. I found the Decipher Drop was easiest to do on the fridge using the magnets as magnets.

In Kiki’s Loot Pet came

  • Iron Man dog toy
  • Alien Flex bacon flavor chew
  • K9 Bark Bot Treats
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Tag

The Iron Man toy she was super excited to get and would keep taking it under my bed where she hides her favorite goodies from Pixie. I haven’t given her the chew toy yet but anything flavored she is all for. I would guess this box for Kiki is a win! However I noticed that just Kiki has already put a dent in Iron Mans armor so I have to watch carefully to make sure Pixie doesn’t get it because that means she could probably destroy it in 10 seconds.

Overall thoughts:

This month’s theme was super enjoyable and there were many nostalgic items for me. I feel old knowing the remake of Power Rangers is about to be released but I’m also planning on going to see is ASAP. The new puzzles were super fun but hopefully less printing. Kiki always loves whatever treat comes in her box