Love for Stationary

I love stationary to either take notes on, make lists, or doodle so I often end up getting quite a bit of stationary. I love when it's not just standard plain paper because it makes it more fun. And makes me want to be more organized in every aspect of my life as possible. During back to school season I really look for stationary that is fun and different. From different patterned stationary to goofy figures that make me smile. Most of my stationary that I currently have are from the dollar section of Target so they don't have a link that I could find for you guys, and the Let's Do This stationary is from Rifle Paper, which I'm probably going to buy a 2017 calendar from later this year. Another stationary website that I love to get stationary from is, they have a lot of fun and different items that I absolutely love!

Where do you love to get your stationary?