Lush Easter 2017 Collection Haul

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My roommate and I love Lush, so of course, we had to get the Easter products. And some of these we are giving to others as an Easter present. So I figured before we did this, I would show you everything Lush has to offer in their 2017 Easter collection.

Not included are the gift sets that are made from this collection.

Which Came First (stripes)

A bath bomb that is three citrus baths put together and is also available in a spot pattern. Immediately after making the haul video I used this bath bomb and didn’t realize that this cracks open to reveal a little surprise. Make sure if you get this that you crack it open to enjoy that as I was beyond confused as to way the bath bomb didn’t last as long as other ones of this size. It’s hollow and meant to be opened. So my bad!

“If this sweet and citrusy fizzer can’t answer the age-old question, then what can? Crack open this generously sized, sunburst-striped egg to coax out the surprise inside and enjoy three egg-cellent soaks over a couple of nights. Or, if you fancy something really decadent, use the entire bomb at once to infuse your bathwater with deliciously sweet, fuchsia waters brimming over with fruity fragrance.”

— Lush

Golden Egg

This is a gold glittered bath bomb melt that smells of toffee and honey.

“How do you like your eggs? How about toffee-scented with glittering gold and packed full of fair trade cocoa butter? Soak in a dazzling bath of moisturizing olive oil and golden luster until your skin feels softer than caramel and smells more scrumptious than anything from Mr. Wonka’s factory. Uplifting bergamot and sweet, wild orange oils help to tone and brighten the skin, and give a sweet fruitiness to this most luxurious soak.”

— Lush

Wash Behind Your Ears

A very floral scented shower gel. I’m not a huge floral scent fan but I actually enjoy the scent of this product.

“Lavish your body with this gorgeous thick shower gel and let luxurious jasmine and rose oils bloom on your skin to create a fresh bouquet of fragrance. The refreshing scent of neroli will lift your spirits while conditioning organic sunflower oil goes to work softening your skin so you’re left feeling simply ear-resistible when you’re done washing.”

— Lush

Bunch of Carrots

These are bubble bars that can be used individually or all together to fill your bath with all the bubbles you can imagine. I have a very small bath so I would only use one at a time plus this helps make everything last as long as possible.

“This adorable bunch of carrots may look like you’ve just plucked them from the garden, but they’re actually our freshest and fruitiest springtime bath invention! Hop into the tub with piles of rich, frothy lemon-bergamot bubbles and you’ll have a spring in your step in no time. Each carrot will create at least one bubbly bath, so you’ll get loads of bathing bliss out of this bunch!”

— Lush


This face wash jelly gives me serious Donnie Darko vibes. And it is infused with carrots, which is really fitting for a rabbit face mask.

“What’s up, doc? Cleanse with this happy hopper for clean, softened skin thanks to mineral-rich seaweed gel, moisturizing almond oil and glycerin. This wobbly wash is the perfect addition to your morning beauty routine, with zesty lemon and bergamot oils to leave you feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Hop to it!”

— Lush

Chick ‘n’ mix

This bath bomb is beyond cute! It’s a little chick in an egg with an egg inside.

“Open up this big ol’ chick to reveal the adorable baby bunny inside, and voila, you’ve got three beautiful baths to look forward to! Or, drop them all into your tub at once for a big dose of sunny, citrusy bergamot oil and sweet, caramel-like tonka. However you choose to use this jumbo fizzer, you’ll be happy you added it to your bathing mix!”

— Lush


I love lip scrubs especially ones from Lush. And I do love Santa Baby which is the cola favored one. Now this is going to another home but I might just go get another one for myself as this tastes amazing!

“The divine combination of orange and chocolate takes center stage here, making this lip scrub a decadent treat for the senses. Scrub your lips to smooth perfection with cocoa powder and castor sugar as organic jojoba oil preps your pout for the softest smooches.”

— Lush

Chocolate Easter Egg

We’re going to be using this in our main floor bathroom. And I think it’s absolutely adorable!

“Cuckoo for cocoa? We feel you. Get your chocolate fix in the shower or bath when you suds up with this uplifting lemon, grapefruit and vanilla bar that’s made with cocoa butter for extra luscious lather. Good luck hiding this perfumed soap from your friends and family: its sweet, citrusy scent is all too easy to sniff out.”

— Lush

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