Makeup Comparison: Milani Stay Put Pomade v. ColourPop Boss Brow Pencil

I used to use brow pencils all of the time for my eyebrows before switching to brow pomades. But I wanted to bring them back into my routine, since I don’t always start from scratch when I do my brows. Yes that’s not the best thing in the world as I leave whatever brow products I had on the day previously, but it saves me time. And on those days I just want to do some light touch up, so brow pencils seemed like a wonderful solution. So I needed up purchasing two different drugstore ones: Milani Stay Put Brow Pencil and ColourPop Boss Brow Pencil.

Colourpop and Milani Brow PencilMilani Stay Put Pomade Brow Pencil

These pencils are $7 and can be purchased in most places Milani products are sold. They claim this pencil has a bouncy formula that glides on effortlessly to fill in, shape, and define your brows. On the other end of the pencil you are given a brow spoolie on one end to control unruly brows. This product is also supposed to be water-resistant and last up to 12 hours. Of the two brow pencils I do enjoy the formula of this pencil though I’m not a major fan of having to sharpen the pencil if I run donw on the product. I find this pencil easier to apply on my eyebrows.

ColourPop Boss Brow Pencil

These pencils are $5 from the ColourPop website and claim to be a long-wearing formula for sculpted definition in one little pencil. It includes a micro-tip precision that you can roll up/down to get more product. Thus allowing you not have to deal with sharpening the pencil, which is my least favorite thing about any pencil product as I always am losing my sharpener or can never get it to sharpen correctly. You get the product on one end and a brow spoolie on the other. While I enjoy the self-sharpening aspect of this product, I am not the biggest fan of the formula as I find it a little stiff. And on a few occassions noticed it was pulling or tugging at my brows causing some of the hairs to come out while applying. So make sure to use a really light hand when applying to avoid this problem, but it will take longer to apply since you will have to build it up over time.

This brow pencil also has more of a variety compared to Milani, so you are more likely to find a shade that works for you. Though neither brow pencil have options for “colored” brows for those with “fashion” colored hair. I typically use a dark brown color even if my hair is leaning towards the lighter end or blonde as I’m about to switch back to. I just really enjoy the dark brows.

Overall Thoughts

Colourpop vs Milani Brows.jpgI love the formula of the Milani Stay Put Pomade Brow Pencil but the packaging of the ColourPop Boss Brow Pencil. Considering I don’t really love having what brow hairs I have are pulled out using the ColourPop Boss Brow pencil from both the spoolie and the product itself. So if I were picking one of them over the other, I would get the Milani Stay Put Pomade Brow Pencil. They both have the same amount of product and in case you were curious they were both the shade Dark Brown.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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