Makeup Products I Have Come to the Conclusion That Don’t Work for Me

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Recently I’ve managed to get myself a desk and an Alex drawer like unit that I got off of Amazon, and moved all of my makeup into the drawers minus the eyeshadow palettes as they didn’t fit. And during this “final” transfer of products into the new unit I had to make some decisions on a few products and decide it was worth keeping even though I know I never reach for them after a review. Every time I get those types of products, it’s great for the review then just takes up space for the rest of their life with me. So I’ve just come to the conclusion on these products, I’m just not going to go out to purchase them in the future even for a review as I just won’t use them.

So what are those products?

  • Liquid Highlighters – They seem like they will be used all of the time but I never touch them. I either overdo it or it looks like a child got into their mother’s makeup. And as much as I love the Wizard of Oz, I don’t want to look like a tin man. So I’m going to have to pass on these.
  • Cream Contour – This product is wonderful to place on first then use powder over top for a professor look… if done correctly. Otherwise, you just end up looking muddy or blotchy. And more times than not, it takes off your foundation underneath the cream. And I’m just not having that in my life.
  • Cream Lipstick – I used to live in a cream lipstick, but I honestly haven’t touched one in three years. I continued to purchase them but they never got used. It doesn’t stay on all day, smears, and just overall too much maintenance for me.
  • Lip Gloss – I love pictures of other people with lip gloss but I hate it on me. Not that it looks wrong, I just hate how sticky my lips feel. And a lot of time lip gloss does that stuck together thing on your lips or melted cheese when you’re talking. It’s just for me. Plus not to mention it getting in your hair on a windy day. I still am keeping one or two nude ones in my collection for pony tail days but generally I’m not going to go out of my way to try a gloss or purchase one.
  • Cream Eyeshadows – I just don’t understand how to apply these at all. Do you apply them with your finger or with a brush? If so, just how? I just don’t get them.
  • Gel Liner – Now I used to be a massive fan of gen liners that came in a pot or the paint liners from Tarte. But I just don’t reach for them at all as compared to a good felt tip eyeliner. It’s just what I prefer these days and for that reason at least at this time I’m not going to be revisiting the gel formula for eyeliner.

What are makeup products that you’ve come to the conclusion just don’t fit in with your lifestyle or makeup routine?

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Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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