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Makeup Revolution Ghost Baking Powder Review


One thing that I don’t always use when I do my makeup is use a setting or baking powder, but it was something I wanted to start trying. But I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on an expensive baking powder and the only one anyone mentions that’s drugstore is Coty Airspun… but they aren’t cruelty free. So I decided to give Makeup Revolution Ghost Baking Powder a chance. And the main reason was this was supposed to mattify and set your foundation, two things I wanted.


Set your foundation and reduce shine with this colorless, mattifying facial powder, Makeup Revolution’s Ghost Baking Powder.

Makeup Revolution Ghost PowderThe first time I tested this baking powder, I just used a light dusting over my foundation and it didn’t do too much as far as mattifying my foundation. I also wearing a new foundation so I wasn’t sure if the creasing was due to the powder or the foundation. When I tested that foundation again without the powder, it still creased so I thought it was just that. But other ones I also tried the Makeup Revolution Ghost Baking Powder with also started creasing, which didn’t crease previously. So that first day was just worse due to the combination of the two.

Now that was just testing it as a setting powder and not baking with it. So I figured I  still needed to try it as a baking powder before I did a review on the blog. And that was a terrible idea as it just made my under-eyes white. Like paler than I normally do with my concealer and it wasn’t a good look. Also my skin looked like cake, which is not a good look.

So overall, I don’t think this powder is good. And would not recommend it. If you have tried this baking powder, what do you think of it? If this works for you, how do you make it work? As I would love to know as I don’t want to waste the product, but also don’t want to have bad makeup days.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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