Makeup Trends From 2017 That Need to Go

There are always trends of the years and every year some of them don’t carry into the following year. A lot of these come from Instagram, which I’m sure they are more meant to be click bait or artist. But then all you see is everyone else starting to do it thinking that how you’re supposed to do everything. Half of these things don’t look good on anyone but if you enjoy any of these, don’t feel the need to stop. But how do you honestly make it work, I don’t understand.

Credit: Stella Sironen Credit: Stella Sironen

Not Normal Brows

This year we found Instagrammers trying to out doing each other with “trends”. I’m sure these were supposed to be just a fun one time only post. But it got brought to a whole new level with wavy or feather brows. It’s fun for a one top creative post, but some people took it literal and were doing it on the regular. That needs to go. But be creative all you want, that’s totally fine.

Lighting Up Pencil Products

This is another thing that was on Instagram a lot. People were lighting their products on fire in the thumbnail of their videos to make it “easier” to use. They are designed to glide on, you don’t need to melt them. Just use the product as it was meant to be used.

Dipping Liquid Highlighters or Products

It’s too much highlighter and looks ridilous. It doesn’t look good underneath your foundation. Your pores are exaggerated. Also you look like the tin man. Just stop! It doesn’t look good! Plus dripping your products on your face isn’t the correct way of applying the products. And leads you to use too much product overall. It’s a waste. Again just stop!

Baking Overload

I feel like this one comes up every year but gets even more over the top each year. Yes baking sets your liquid powders but if you apply too much it leaves an over cast, exaggerates your fine lines, or makes your skin look dried out.

Fake Holographic Products

No! None of this is holographic! Holographic is a shift of the rainbow not just iridescent or duo-chrome. Just call it what it is, and stop playing everyone. Figure out how to make real holographic products then release it with that name. Please and thank you!

Random Objects as Makeup Applicators

This does from applying your foundations to holding random objects up to map out your contour. It’s was a fun laugh at first, but don’t actually use these things to apply your makeup. It only comes out patchy and un-blended. Use the correct tools to do the job.

Clumpy Eyelashes

I feel like several brands this year came out with products designed to make your lashes look clumpy on purpose. It’s great for an editorial look, but looks bad on almost everyone else. Stick to mascara that keeps your lashes looking natural but maybe with a little more length/volume, but without the clumps.

What trends do you want to see go away in 2018?

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