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Making My Own Dream Palette Inspired by Legend of Zelda


Next up in this dream palette series, I’m making a palette inspired by Legend of Zelda. I’ve been binge watching Game Grumps playing the games and enjoying some Breath of the Wild when I have spare time. Each game focuses on Link in his attempt to rescue Princess Zelda to save the kingone of Hyrule from Ganon. And each one involves the relic known as the Triforce representing the virtues of Courage, Wisdom, and Power. If you want to know more about the lore of the games and how they are all connected, I wrote about them earlier.

As I mentioned in my previous posts in this series, I got this idea from Leesha on YouTube. And used one of Dose of Colours palettes as my template as you can probably tell since I didn’t fully blur out the name in the brush.

Going into my palette, I did name each of them shades based on things from the series:

I decided to use the iconic colors of Link for this palette. As there were so many different areas to go with for this palette. What colors would you have used for a Legend of Zelda palette? Or what video game would you like to see next?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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