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Making My Own Dream Palette Inspired by Smile Rancher


Last palette I’m doing in the dream palette series is inspired by Smile Rancher. This game is just so freaking cute. It takes place on a faraway planet and you play as a player named Beatrix LeBeau who starts a ranch from the ground up. But you’re not raising cattle or chickens but instead slimes of various sizes and characteristics. After feeding slimes you will receive plorts that can be exchanged for the planet’s currency to purchase upgrades, equipment, and buildings. Slimes can be combined with another but three different characteristics cause corruption, turning the once cute slime into an aggressive malevolent black slime called Tarr which devours other slimes. The types of slimes include: Pink, Phosphor, Tabby, Quantum, Honey, Puddle, Tangle, Saber, Hunter, Dervish, Rock, Fire, Boom, Crystal, Mosaic, Rad, Gold, and Lucky. The larger slimes are referred to as Gordos.

As I mentioned in my previous posts in this series, I got this idea from Leesha on YouTube. And used one of Dose of Colours palettes as my template as you can probably tell since I didn’t fully blur out the name in the brush.

Going into my palette, I did name each of them shades based on things from the series:

What colors would you have used for a Smile Rancher palette?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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