Making My Own Tinted Lip Balm

One thing I have wanted to really do was make my own lip balm or lip stick. So to start with I decided I would make my own tinted lip balm. And I didn't have much hope that these would actually have much pigmentation. And I was correct in this assumption, these were not pigmented enough to be a lipstick but they are very moisturizing for a lip balm which I enjoy.

The recipe does make around 4-6 tubes of lip balm.

Things You Will Need:

  • 4 teaspoon beeswax pellets
  • 2 teaspoon shea butter
  • 3 teaspoon sweet almond oil
  • 1/4 teaspoon Essential Oil
  • Crushed old lipstick or eyeshadow/blush/pigment
  • Small glass jar
  • Saucepan with an inch of water
  • Empty lip balm tubes

About Some of the Ingredients:

Shea Butter: This cream-colored plant butter is obtained from the nuts of the bassia parkii tree that grows along the Western coast of Africa. It's prized for its deep moisturizing and skin conditioning properties, and also provides natural protection from harmful UV rays.

Beeswax: Bees produce honey from nectar and then convert it into wax. One pound of wax is made from each ten pounds of honey. It makes an excellent bacteria-resistant base for cosmetics. A vegan alternative is candellia wax.

Sweet Almond Oil: A popular oil for skincare. It is nutrient-rich and is suitable for all skin types.


  1. On high heat, boil the water in the saucepan until it boils then reduce heat to medium.
  2. Combine in small glass jar: beeswax, shea butter, and almond oil. For a glossier lip balm add more almond oil and for softer lip balm add less beeswax.
  3. Set glass jar into saucepan and stir until all of the wax and shea butter are melted. The liquid should be clear.
  4. Remove jar from saucepan and add essential oil for scent. As I'm using a kit from Burning Wick Candles I had the scents: Banana Cream, Pina Colada, Black Cherry & Peppermint. Once added, stir vigorously.
  5. Tint your lip balm with either lipstick shavings or loose pigments from eyeshadows or blush.
  6. Pour the melted lip balm into the tubes until they reach the rim. Additional drop of lip balm will help prevent settling holes.
  7. Allow the lip balm to settle, takes around 20 minutes. Note while this is settling, wipe away the excess from the lip balm when it's still liquid then wash by hand with soap and water.
  8. Clean up the outside of the lip balm if any spillage occurred.