March 2017 Goals

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February was a very long month. From just becoming so pissed off at the world from the news to just life things happening. For instance, my roommate got a concussion and my mom got a new job. And then my bipolar disorder decided it was the perfect time to start acting up again to the post where I probably should’ve gone back in to see about getting a mild medication.  But I just didn’t have time with work to take time off to go do that. So at the end of this month I’m taking a week off to get things in order.

February Goals Revisited

  • Return to daily blogging on this blog, and blog at least every other day on Rose & Mae. I actually managed to complete this.
  • Publish my second photo pack or several individual mock up photos on the shop page. I ran out of time this month to do this as I was so busy with work, writing posts for every day on here, writing posts for every other day on the other blog, and recording gaming videos for daily upload on my gaming channel.
  • Start working out at home at least once a week. I did not get around to this, again due to the time thing. I just need to get better at managing my time.
  • Bring lunches 65% of the time to my downtown job. I did manage to do this and actually did meal prep as well which made me super happy.
  • Take Pixie for walks more regularly, weather permitted. Pixie did go on walks more often granted they were when she was not at my house. Every night I could’ve gone was way too late at night to go on a walk in our neighborhood as the only walking paths are through the woods. Which is great but not at night.
  • Create Reading Nook in Bedroom. Still need a chair for in my room but otherwise I was able to make a little reading nook and have started reading almost every night for at least a half an hour.
  • Get better about skincare and start following a regime daily. I have been getting better at doing skincare but by no means was it daily. More like weekly.
  • Organize makeup further by depotting and labeling products. I have not done this yet as I have nothing to put those items into at the moment but will be doing this at some point.
  • Post more videos on my YouTube channel. As well as start vlogging on my YouTube channel. I have been creating test vlogs but haven’t managed to upload any of them yet as I need to figure out a few more things before I’m comfortable with posting them. But they are in the works!
  • Start a bible study. I did not start a bible study, haven’t found one that I was overly interested in or haven’t already done previously. If you know of a good one, let me know in the comments.
  • Start saving up to replace old laptop with gaming laptop, as well as money to possibly move with. Yeah that didn’t happen, every time I adjust the budget to save up for things something happens to wipe out those plans. So this is on hold for the moment. But I managed to figure out how to get better gaming experience on my computer, granted I have to sacrifice the visual quality of all the games.
  • Start journaling again at least on a weekly basis. I have not journaled as I just haven’t had time to do that.
  • Get my haircut and dyed so it looks more natural. I did dye my own hair as well as cut all the split-ends off myself, but I could still use a proper trim with layers put back into my hair.

March Goals

  • Take on a more minimalist lifestyle.
  • Finish getting rid of all old items that hold no purpose.
  • Get checkups at the doctor and dentist.
  • Only go out for meals once a week at most.
  • Read or journal at least three to four times a time.
  • Start working out, time to get my butt in gear. No excuses! Gen 2 of Pokémon was just released on Pokémon Go, so let that be motivation to at least go on walks more often.
  • Post at least weekly on Mae Cooks, continue current schedule for Rose & Mae as well as on here.
  • Post videos on my main channel at least two times a week. Actually upload the vlogs I’ve been making.
  • Go see Beauty and the Beast.
  • Wake up an hour before leaving for work, instead of fifteen minutes before.
  • Get my hair cut!

What are your goals for the month? And how do you plan on achieving them?

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