Mass Effect: Renegade vs Paragon

In the game Mass Effect, you are presented with morality choices. You can either go with Paragon or Renegade options during dialogue and choices. I didn’t really notice the effects of these choices during the first game. But in the second game you can see the effects of your choices very clearly, as Shepard’s face/appearance is directly influenced by your choices. As well as just the generic state of the universe. I generally play as a renegade in all the games, though I don’t know what morality does as much in the third game as let’s be honest I have never played more than the opening scene. I couldn’t handle the plot and direction they took it, especially knowing the ending of the game and watching Shepard struggling with the loss of so many people over the years.


Paragon points are gained for compassionate and heroic actions. The Paragon measurement is colored blue. Points are often gained when asking about feelings and motivations of characters. Paragon or Charm dialogue choices (colored blue in dialogue trees) often lead to people being more open and friendly with Shepard, and can sometimes avert entire battles that would otherwise be triggered.


Renegade points are gained for apathetic and ruthless actions. The Renegade measurement is colored red. Many sarcastic and joking remarks are assigned Renegade points. Renegade or Intimidate dialogue choices (colored red in dialogue trees) generally lead to people disliking and even fearing Shepard, and occasionally “encourage” people to tell or give more than they otherwise would. Like with Paragon/Charm options, Shepard can sometimes avert entire battles that would otherwise be triggered.

How do you play Mass Effect? Are you more paragon or renegade?

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