Massive Lush Haul of the 2016 Christmas Collection

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So Rose and I got literally every item from the Lush Christmas Collection Similar to the sneak peak haul we will show you every product in the collection, but unlike last time we’re not going super in depth into everything. As there are a lot of items, for more details on any one product check out Lush stores around the world or check out their catalog!


This year there will be a few new bath bombs, such as Nevermind the Ballistics, with lime, orange and frankincense. Mistletoe which is new bath bomb that is absolutely beautiful. They will also have the classics: Golden Wonder, Stardust, Luxury Pud, and Butterbear. The new Christmas Satsuma bomb, which will only be available in stores in a couple of gift sets, and it shares it’s scent with the new Christmas soap called Igloo. Northern Lights, Shoot for the Stars, Stardust, and So White bath bombs will be returning but they will have a new look.


The minty Christingle body conditioner will be returning this year. Plus there is new body conditioner this year called Snow Fairy, which is a lovely pink color with a bit of a sparkle. It is made with the same ingredients as the shower gel with the same namestake that has been around for a while.


A new lotion called Sleepy which seems from the ingredients to be a Twilight scented lotion. Twilight is a creamy, herby lavender scent, with a slight vanilla note coming from the tonka bean. But Twilight is not returning this year to the Christmas collection.


Lush will introduce two new re-usable wand type bubble bar this Holiday, Jester and Santasurus, which will join the returning Magic of Christmas and Magic Wand bubble bar wands. We received Santasurus in our package from Lush and he is so cute!

There are a few of new Holiday 2016  bubble bars this year such as Snowie, as well as the returning Christmas Penguin, Candy Mountain and Peeping Santa bubble bars.

The red, glittery Christmas Ruby Red Slipper (I.E. Holiday Bubble) bubble bar from Holidays past has been redesigned this year to be in a different shape.  Instead of the usual gorgeous, round red Holiday bubble bar, this years’ will be designed to look like an actual ruby red slipper!


The popular Fairy Dust powder returns this year, and Lush has also created a new Christmas dusting powder called Mr. Sandman, which Lush advertises as having the Twilight scent.


Lush will also introduce 3-4 new limited edition Christmas FUN bars; Santa, Elf, Reindeer, and Snow Fairy. Magic of Christmas, Aliens and Monsters, and Snakes and ladders will not be returning this year.


There are two returning holiday shower jellies; Santa’s Belly and Snowman,  and one new Christmas facial jelly called Papa Noel.


Two returning and two new lip products this year.  A new lip tint called Sugar Plum Fairy and the other new one is a lip scrub also called Sugar Plum Fairy.  Unlike the returning, red toned Santa baby and Santa’s Lip scrub, the new Sugar Plum lip tint and lip scrub will have a plum and purple color.


Two returning Holiday faves and one or two new Holiday 2016 shower gels; Snow Fairy and Rose Jam. One new Christmas shower gel this year called Bubbly which is made with the popular Champagne Snow Showers/ Celebrate’ scent.


There are four new soaps this year in addition to returning favorites like Baked Alaska and Reindeer Rock.  Reindeer is a different color this year, this year is a gorgeous blue color while last year it was a deep purple. New Holiday limited edition soaps include Igloo, Santa’s Post Box, and Shooting Stars, and Snowcastle. You can just order these online, but to see the amazing display, I recommend stopping by your local Lush store. Igloo soap shares it’s scent with the new Christmas bath bomb called Satsuma.

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