May 2017 Goals

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How is it already May? I swear it was just the beginning of spring like a week ago. This month I don’t have a lot of goals because the few goals I have this month are pretty big. Sure I have some in that are minor that need to get done, but for the most part these are few things to do. Also I turn 24 this month on the 15th. So the week leading up to my birthday is going to be birthday themed or related to getting older in some way. So look forward to that!

April Goals Revisited

  • Reach 200 followers on Instagram, 300 followers on Twitter, and 250 on YouTube. We did hit 200 subscribers on Instagram and Twitter, but not on YouTube. Which I’m not too upset about as I didn’t focus too much on my main channel. I was way more into my gaming channel this month.
  • Upload one vlog at least every other week. I did upload vlogs this month, but they were all in the span of one week rather than spread out over multiple weeks.
  • Actually, have money saved up in Savings Account that isn’t removed a day or week later. This didn’t happen as my laptop died but I’m not in the hold at the end of the month as I have been the past several.
  • Bring lunches to work at least three times a week. I do good on this about every other week, which is an improvement.
  • Get a new pair of shoes, it’s time to say goodbye to your Converse there are holes in them. I did not get a new pair of shoes as I didn’t see getting this item as important as a new laptop.
  • Go through all paperwork and random piles, get rid of what’s not needed and organize the rest. Completed but I still want to organize it more. And redo the bookshelf behind my desk to be more organized.
  • Make stock photos for self and on blog shop page. Completed! I release two sets of individual stock photos and a new Spring Photo Pack that I’m super proud of.
  • Paint something new. Then, rearrange current paintings around the house.I did paint something new as I got a free ticket to go to Paint Night which is now in my main floor bathroom.
  • Finish vision board in my bedroom. It’s more of a reminder board at this point, but I’m totally ok with that.
  • Read two books. I did complete a book this month, but not two. So that’s an improvement.

May Goals

  • Organize my bookshelf in the office.
  • Reach 1500 RSS Subscribers.
  • Stream once a week on Twitch (goal is Thursdays at 6:00 PM CST… and I may change all my gaming videos to go up at this time as well).
  • Read two books.
  • Make another photo pack for the shop page.
  • Completely pay off at least one credit card so I have less monthly bills going forward.
  • Post at least every three days on Instagram.
  • Get my Microsoft CRM Certification.
  • Go for a walk daily with Pixie now that I don’t work two jobs every single day.
  • Complete at least three house chores weekly.

What are your goals of this month?

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