Minecraft: My Favorite Skins

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I get bored with my Minecraft skin every now and then, but all of my favorite skins are relatively the same and I love to switch between these five depending on the mood. Typically all of my skins are various girl skins that I find on MinecraftSkins.com but there is one that I found forever ago (Gamer Girl) that is actually from MinecraftSkins.net. I always debate on switching it up for something different but always come back to one of these five skins with Gamer Girl probably being my most worn or main skin that I fall back to.

Also putting them all in a line up, I just realized they all have the same hairstyle more or less. Three of the them are wearing hats but they all have long hair with side swept bangs. Basically how I want my own hair granted it never grows that long.

When I Choose to Wear Each Skin

  • The first one, called idk, I end up using whenever I’m feeling particularly moody or really just want a moon the back of my shirt since I end up seeing that the majority of the time while I’m playing since I love to leave it in 3rd person POV. I love that the flannel is ripped up or falling off one of the shoulders as well. It’s a nice touch.
  • The second skin is probably my main skin at the moment as I generally end up using it.
  • The third skin I have my character wear any day I’m in creative mode or feeling quite laid back. As the outfit this skin is wearing is pretty much what I would wear when I’m just hanging out around the house. A hat or beanie paired with a shirt, a flannel and a pair of jeans. Plus it’s just hipster aesthetics.
  • The fourth skin that I love using in Minecraft is this camo number. Generally worn underneath armor if I’m spending the day in my mob arena. This skin just puts me in the mood to knock out from mobs or tackle the nether.
  • And the last outfit is my whenever skin, I don’t put this one on if I’m in a certain mood while I’m playing Minecraft like the other skins.

What type of skin do you generally use when playing Minecraft? The generic skin from the game or a custom one from the internet? If custom, is it a normal person or something different? I would love to know what type of skin you lean towards.

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