Minecraft: Welcome to my Underground Fortress

I thought it would be a lot of fun to show you all my underground fortress in Minecraft. This is the game/world I normally play in if I’m playing Minecraft. So I have spent a lot of time working on this fortress which I built inside of a mountain. Originally it was my first hole that I dug to hide in for the night. And has expanded to what it is today. It has one massive bedroom near the beginning of the fortress, then I have a variety of other rooms from a treasure room/vault, armory, kitchen/dining room, crafting room, enchanting room, animal farm, crop farm, mob farm, portal rooms and more. I also have a bunch of villagers and golems that dwell in the fortress.

For the most part I created this fortress without creative mode but there are some aspects that I did switch the game mode for. As it just made it easier to create those specific parts of the fortress. But for the mass majority, I did it all in survival mode. I love to use the terracotta blocks around the fortress to give it a bit of color. The upper areas in the fortress have a bright/light theme of cyan, blue, and yellow but as you go down into the fortress it gets darker in shades. Purple for the animal and crop farms, and red/black when you get to the mob farm/arena and the portals.

Upper Regions of the Fortress

Mid Region of the Fortress

The villagers leave in the mid-section of the fortress where the crop/animal farms exist as I didn’t want them in the main section of the fortress. As I get slightly annoyed by them opening doors all the time and on a few occasions letting mobs into the place. So they are banished to the mid region where I have the golems. They also serve as a line of defense if a mob somehow gets through the portals or out of the mob farm. Also technically below the animal farm is a natural underground mine. Which I’ll probably extend the lower region into at some point but for right now it’s sealed off. Another key piece to this leave is above the two farm areas I have sea lanterns inside of torches so it would seem like the sky for the animals/crops. Granted it doesn’t actually matter. But I wanted it to seem like that. Plus that’s less torches to put up to keep the whole area lit so mobs don’t spawn.

Lower Region of the Fortress

The mob farm is one of those rooms where I would love to figure out a better killing method for as every mob farm generator I’ve ever tired to build based on the ones that others have done, never work. Mobs just never spawn. So my version is more of just a killing rink that I can turn the lights off then let them spawn naturally or switch the lights on then hit the button for the dropper to release one. This is where creative mode really came into play. There are many droppers each filed with eggs of different mobs. And the room is made of bedrock as there is literally no way to destroy it. So I can have any mob spawn in there without worrying about needing to rebuild the place. This room is in the section of the fortress that the villagers can’t get to and is located near my two portals: Nether and End.

I’m debating on playing Minecraft again on YouTube but I’m not sure if I should start a new world for that or continue to use my world that I’ve had for ages. There are still a few things that I want to add to the fortress including:

  • Connecting my fortress in the lower region to the cave system.
  • Add an armory in the lower region along with furnace/diamond stash.
  • Create a beacon at the top of the mountain.
  • Create a horse/donkey stable outside of the fortress.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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