Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Bling Boss Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

Morphe Jaclyn Hill Bling BossMorphe Jaclyn Hill Bling Boss Palette

Jaclyn Hill released four new palettes in a vault filled of shadows that were not used in the original Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette. Each palette includes 10 eyeshadows each costing $15.00 with 0.56 oz of product. I did manage to get the entire vault, but I’m going to be reviewing each of the palettes separately. The next palette in the collection that we’re looking at today is the Bling Boss palette, which is the jewel toned eyeshadow palette from the vault.

Now this collection was due to release back in June, but was pulled before release when they noticed inconsistency in the formula when the PR palettes were sent out to the beauty influencers/gurus. Then they went back through all of the palettes and corrected them. So this is supposed to be the correct formula that’s similar to the original Jaclyn Hill palette where the shadows are creamy, pigmented, and super blendable. Which is one of my favorite things about that palette along with it’s overall color palette that can create a variety of looks for any type of makeup lover.

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Bling Boss Palette

Here are the shade names and descriptions of the shadows included in the Bling Boss eyeshadow palette:

  • Bling Bling (silvery pink glitz)
  • Hush Hush (matte lilac mauve)
  • Gem (vibrant violet sheen)
  • Pizzazz (glistening magenta)
  • Mystic (matte blackberry)
  • Spark (matte ruby red)
  • Glitz & Glam (shimmering rose gold)
  • Rockstar (matte mulberry)
  • Ballsy (glistening mauve pink)
  • Berry Treasure (glittering charcoal black)

Morphe Jaclyn Hill Bling Boss Palette Swatches.jpg

For starters comparing this palette to the original palette, there’s a mirror in this palette so that’s a massive plus for me. Plus I love the packaging of the silver on the front with a bunch of colored spots mixed in for each of the palettes to make them stand out from each other. Bling Boss palette has a lilac color mixed in with the silver, to give you a hint at which color story you’re reaching for.

You don’t see a lot of these tones together in other palettes. Some of them are close in the ABH Norvina palette but otherwise you have to mix and match palettes for these tones to be together. At least that’s what I noticed in my collection. So this palette is great to put them all together. And normally I don’t like glitter in my black shades but I honestly don’t mind it in this palette.


Overall, I really enjoy this palette. I cannot speak to the first version of this palette that came out since I didn’t have it. But I noticed no issues with blending the shadows from this palette. I also had zero fall out on my face and minimal kick back in the pan on the matte shadows. Which is normal in comparison to other shadows from Morphe. If you are a massive fan of purples or jewel tones, Bling Boss is the palette for you! What colors do you gravitate towards? Or which palette in this collection were you most excited about?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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  1. September 23, 2018 / 2:09 PM

    I think this palette is my favorite out of the entire collection, I imagine I’ll be all over this palette as we get deeper into fall, hope to see some more looks from you using this 🙂

    • Mae Polzine
      September 23, 2018 / 2:38 PM

      I totally agree, it’s such a unique palette and perfect for the fall season!
      ♥ Mae

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