My 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

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I normally hate the idea of resolutions and much more prefer monthly or quarterly goals instead. And the reason I  typically prefer goals over resolutions is, because they typically last as long as the bubbles in the champagne of New Year’s eve. But this time I’m actually going to make some resolutions for the year 2018, as there are quite a few things that I want to make happen or change this year. 2017 was probably one of my worst years ever, so the my main resolution is to make 2018 the best or one of the best. So here are all my resolutions:

  • Move into a place of my own. Either an apartment or try to qualify for a mortgage so I can buy a place.
  • Stop hitting the snooze button in the morning. One thing I really want to get better at is getting up in the morning and not hitting the snooze button around three to five times.
  • Start a “podcast” like series weekly on YouTube. I’m not sure if it was just be on YouTube or if I’ll upload it on SoundCloud as well. But it’s something I really want to do. I’m not sure exactly what type of topic I want the podcast to focus on. It’s just something I really want to do. Maybe it’ll be similar to the Jenna & Julian Podcast where they just switch it up every week.
  • Twitch streams every week. I did start this but I haven’t done it every weekend especially when I had to suddenly move halfway through November. Or start using the upload feature to see how that goes. Possibly switch from YouTube to Twitch completely for gaming, only exports to YouTube depending on how it goes. I’m a little over all the issues on YouTube especially for gaming, I can’t upload Sims build/buy or CAS videos or any game that has any sort of soundtrack… which is like every game. Not that it matters too much since I don’t make enough from the videos to get money from Google so really it’s for fun. But it’s just something that drives me nuts.
  • Get a second dog. This will depend on a few things such as budget as I don’t want to get another dog and not be able to afford the proper everything including training and medical costs that go into that. If I can’t get another dog for one reason for another, I’m going to get myself some type of other pet like a fish of some type. Though I’ll probably get a fish regardless. I miss having a little fishy. Of course I’m going to get one after I move. So I can properly set up the aquarium before getting the fish and don’t have to move it from my mom’s to my new place later in the year.
  • Lose weight and get in shape. I haven’t spent enough time in the last year or two on my health. So one thing I need to do is focus on getting in shape and back to a more healthy weight. And just exercise in general.
  • Advance in my career and earn more money. I have loved being a level 2 engineer for the past three years but I think it’s time to advance more so than just helping out in every area at my company. The main decision point though on staying or searching is what the pay raise will be. I’m not going to struggle anymore to afford rent/student loans while still working so much I have no social life.
  • Get a new tattoo. I haven’t had a new tattoo in years and I really want a few. I’m not sure if I’m going to start the process of my half-sleeve or get my Harry Potter inspired tattoo that I’ve been wanting.
  • Style hair every workday more than a messy bun/ponytail. I used to be really good about styling my hair but as of late, I have ignored it. And I hate the way it looks so I need to get better about styling it again.
  • Whiten and fix my teeth. From years of drinking pop, coffee, and tea, my teeth are very stained. And I more or less stopped smiling subconsciously due to my teeth. I would love to smile and be happy with my teeth again, so I think a step towards this would be whitening my teeth. The step after that which is in line with this goal, is to get all my teeth cleaned/fixed. I have several cavities and two dead wisdom teeth in my mouth. Gross. I know. Try living with them, which is exactly why I need to save up to get that dealt with since insurance doesn’t cover that.
  • Leave more comments. I’m very guilty of this in the past. I read a bunch of blog posts but never interact with them. And I know that’s something that I mind confusing with my own blog. I know people are going to my blog but there’s little to no engagement, so I never know what to improve or do differently to change things. Not that I’m begging for comments or anything. I just think it’s nice to see them is all. So I’m going to make it more of an effort in 2018 that any time I read a blog post, I will comment something insightful about what I read or respond to their comment prompt. As that’s the only way any of us get better plus it builds more of a community.

What are your Resolutions for 2018?

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