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I’ve been meaning to share this for a while but just kept pushing it off. Since February I have started wearing jewelry again, I don’t know why but for the longest time I wouldn’t put any on unless it was for an event or special occasion. That included not wearing any earrings except for the one in my nose because I really don’t want that to close up on me. But I’ve changed that and wanted to share my staple pieces these days.


I have had my ears double pierced since I was ten or twelve, I can’t remember exactly when I got them pierced but it was somewhere in that age range. And my ears have been very sensitive to earrings since I was fifteen. So, I can’t wear any earrings in them without the earrings being made out of titanium or surgical steel. Which isn’t exactly cheap considering you can to get them from piercing parlors or through specialty earring stores. However, I found a set of stainless steel earrings on Amazon that were only $10 for 6 pairs of various sizes. Without Prime, these are $40. And my ears have no issues with them. So I wear these every day now and I’m over the moon about it. I am going to be getting some more in the future in other colors but the matte black studs are probably going to stay my go to.

Nose Piercing

Just like my ears, my nose can’t stand anything that’s not basically medical grade. Luckily I have several nose rings from Claire’s that are surgical steel, but I don’t believe they are available anymore as I wasn’t seeing it on their website. The one I normally wear is black but I also have a blue, green, and pink ring.


There are two necklaces that I generally wear on a daily basis. The first is the classic choker, which is basically something I’ve worn on and off since I was eight. But it’s not the same one since then, the original one I used to wore broke and a piece of the charm is stuck in my throat. I should probably have that removed some day but I just have never gotten around to it. Plus it’s not infected and been there for years at this point.

The other necklace that I wear a lot is one from Anna Saccone. It’s a rose gold medallion with my zodiac sign, Taurus. Now I don’t really feel like that zodiac sign is mine as I sometimes go with my moon sign, Pieces, over Taurus but I still love this necklace. It’s simple and yet a statement.


Now I can’t stand wearing bracelets, they just drive me up the wall. Ever since I got tattoos on my wrists. One because bracelets cover up the tattoos, and second because they just bother me and I end up taking them off an hour later. However, I don’t mind wearing anklets. So I recently got myself one called Life Token that says “Just Breathe.” It was originally going to be a bracelet that I customized but now it just lives on my ankle. As I don’t notice it during the day and I get to wear the little reminder to relax and not stress out or worry about everything.

What jewerly do you wear on a daily basis?

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