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My Fall Bucket List


As the seasons have changed, there are new activities that pop up. And I have a list of things that I really want to do. From drinking hot cider to Halloween themed activities, there is a lot to do in the fall. I’ve limited this list to the things I’ll actually be able to achieve during this season. I don’t know if I will actually get to all of them but I really hope I do.

  • Go to an apple orchard and pick my own apples to use for the season either in desserts, salads, or various other meals.
  • Go through a corn maze. This is something Harley wants to do and I haven’t gone in one since college so I thought this would be rather fun to do this season.
  • Go to a haunted house or Valleyscare. I haven’t been to a haunted house in ages, I went to Valleyscare last year with my sister but I really want to go to a good haunted house. One that takes more than five minutes to go through. And I hate jumpscares but I really want a good scare this year.
  • Go to the Renaissance fair.
  • Go on a brewery tour of a local cider brewery. I love hard ciders and have never toured a cider brewery, only wine breweries so I thought this would be a love of fun to do this fall.

What are some things on your bucket list for the season?


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